K9 strategy+design Announces Rebrand to Truth and Dare

Full-service creative and digital agency K9 strategy+design recently announced the business’ rebrand to Truth and Dare. The new brand reinforces the company’s commitment to championing, celebrating and serving entrepreneurial businesses.


The rebrand emphasizes the focus on the target market they serve – small to medium sized entrepreneurial businesses in Canada – and includes a new identity, positioning and website.


"It was a long process. Even though we do this type of work every day, we brought in consultants to help us look past the trees to see the forest," says Norm Lourenco RGD, Creative Director, Truth and Dare. "Even with help, and a clear vision of who we where talking to, it was difficult to find that perfect name. Finally, during a brainstorming meeting, elements of the name surfaced and it quickly evolved into Truth and Dare and it immediately felt like home. It seems so obvious now - we help our clients find their truth and dare them to act on that truth. Once the name was finalized, the identity work rolled out relatively quickly."


Lourenco says that the biggest challenge in any rebranding project is gaining a clear, truthful understanding of what the company is, how it does what it does, and why anyone should care. "There are usually a number of different answers to these questions within any of the companies that we work with - getting everyone on the same page and truly understanding and agreeing on what the reality is can be the toughest first step."


The Truth and Dare logo characterizes the brand as courageous, creative, passionate and bold. With this new direction, the agency is emphasizing their focus on serving entrepreneurs and their marketing teams, who may lack a CMO and need assistance with executing and strategizing their traditional and digital brand and marketing initiatives. This mission is reflected in the new tagline: "The creative and digital agency for growth-obsessed businesses." This speaks to the core belief that because Canada’s economy is rooted and driven by SMEs, providing them with the tools they need to grow and thrive not only makes good business sense, it’s good for the country.


“SMEs make up 99.7% of the Canadian economy yet they are under-serviced and generally undervalue how brand can power-up their business. We want to change that by championing, celebrating, and serving them," says Lourenco. "This new name and brand is strategic and intentional. It’s a name that explains what we do, what we are about, and what we are challenging our clients to do with their own brands. It didn’t come easily and it didn’t come over night. But now that the work is done and the new launch is upon us, I can’t believe it took us this long to get here. The future is bright and we have a bigger game to play.”


Visit truthanddare.ca to explore the new website and learn more about the new position as well as a new podcast series which celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit.