Stop Making Monsters. Creativity in a World of Opinion and Anonymity.

Presented by Robert Smith RGD


We create our monsters from pieces of the people around us. People who we admire: celebrities, family, friends and social media. This webinar explores how we create monsters and how to eliminate their influence.

Did you hear that? What was that sound? It sounded like footsteps… As a kid, do you remember hiding under the covers at night afraid of the monster in the closet? Was it actually there? No, but it caused you fear and anxiety nonetheless. As we grow older our monsters become more sophisticated and in time, very real. As designers, we create them from pieces of people who influence us through award publications, books, videos and, of course, social media. Like Victor Frankenstein, we create our own creature that fuels imposter syndrome and causes creative paralysis.


About Robert B. Smith RGD

Robert is the owner and Creative Director of Ottawa based Greenmelon Inc. The recipient of over 200 local and international awards, he is also a founder of the RGD, author, professor and public speaker. He has worked with clients including DC Comics, Warner Brothers, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Post Corporation, Canadian Museum of History and the Royal Canadian Mint. In 2017, he published his first book The Frankenstein Condition, a study on personal identity and external influences.