RGD announces 77 Judges for 2019 Student Awards
RGD Student Awards

This year, RGD will present $22,000 in cash awards in all areas of communication design to student work selected by our panel of industry experts.


We are excited to introduce the outstanding group of judges who will be selecting the winners of this year's RGD Student Awards. More to be announced shortly!

.design Award for Self-Promotional/Personal Website

Laurissa Barnes-Roberts RGD, Socially-minded Experience Designer, Toronto

Summer Fang, Partnership Manager at Top Level Design, Portland

Joel Harding RGD, Art Director at Critical Mass, Calgary


52 Pick-up Award for Typography

Sarah Di Domenico, Partner, Creative Director at Wedge, Montreal 

Nick Monteleone, Principal at 52 Pick-up, Toronto, 

Kevin Moran RGD, Designer at Kira Systems, Toronto 

Linna Xu, Principal Designer & CEO at Studio Wulf, Toronto


BOLD Award for Accessible Design

Tom Browne RGD, Information Officer [Art Director] at the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario [ADO], Toronto

Jessica Murray, Intermediate Visual Designer at Akendi, Toronto 

Michael Ortelli RGD, Founder of BOLD, Toronto

Carolina Taylor RGD, UX Designer at the City of Mississauga, Mississauga


Clear Space Award for Story-telling

Ania Czupajlo RGD, Senior Designer at Catholic Principals' Council, Toronto

Will Hum RGD, Principal & Creative Director at Clear Space, Toronto

Wilson Wong, VP Creative Services at Everbrave Branding Group, Calgary


Entro Award for Placemaking Design

Marie-Élaine Benoit, Creative Director at Sid Lee, Montreal 

Jennifer Cook, Creative Director at Science World British Columbia, Vancouver

Edmund Li RGD, Associate/Design Director at Entro, Toronto 

Christine Phalen RGD, Creative Lead at Membertou Band Office, Sydney, NS


Forge Media + Design Award for Motion Design

Christian Castel RGD, President & Creative Director at Tango Media Group, Toronto 

Jay Grandin, Partner + Creative Director at Giant Ant, Vancouver

Geoff Lee, Director, Design and Brand at Bell Media, Toronto

Meg Lynch RGD, Senior Designer at Forge Media + Design, Toronto


Goods & Services Award for Editorial Design

Carey George RGD, Partner & Creative Director at Goods & Services, Toronto 

Emma Novotny, Design Manager at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Linden Sculthorpe RGD, Art Director at AN Design Communications, Ottawa


Gravity Inc Award for Social Good Design 

Wendy Gray RGD, Owner & Creative Director at Gravity Inc, Toronto

Sophie Lacerte RGD, Head of Design at Canada West Foundation, Calgary

Cole Nicks RGD, Graphic Designer at BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver

Pascal Tremblay, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Good Kind, Vancouver


Greenmelon Award for Packaging Design (Single)

Gord McLean RGD, Creative Director at Gordon McLean Creative, Winnipeg

Robert Smith RGD, Owner + Creative Director at Greenmelon, Ottawa

Michelle Willkin RGD, Creative Director + Co-owner at Pilot Coffee Roasters, Toronto


john st. Award for Strategic Design

Caroline Bruckner RGD, Director, Design Strategy, at Ove Brand | Design, Toronto

Jennifer Karton, Creative Director at Suckerpunch Creative, Winnipeg

Jacqueline Lane, Design Director at John St, Toronto 

Laura Piché RGD, Manager, Global Marketing at The Redpath Group, North Bay


lg2 Award for Print Design

Robyn Colangelo RGD, Director of Creative at Broken Fence Communication, Toronto 

Ryan Crouchman, Creative Director, Design at lg2, Toronto

Janice van Eck RGD, Freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer, Guelph

Karen Marshall RGD, Senior Document Specialist at The Regional Municipality of York, Newmarket


Milestone Integrated Award for Digital Marketing Design

Noah Ortmann RGD, Creative Designer at Noah Ortmann Design, Toronto 

Joanna Poon, Digital Design Specialist at Context Creative, Toronto

Lynn Ridley RGD, VP Creative at Jan Kelley, Burlington


Pivot Award for Information Design

Miki Arai, Design Director, Information Design, Strategic Analytics & Modelling at Deloitte Canada, Toronto 

Ian Chalmers RGD, Design Director & Principal at Pivot Design Group, Toronto 

Sharmini Thiagarajah, Creative Director at Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver 

Edie Wawrychuk RGD, Creative Director at Traffic Design, Ottawa 


Premise Award for Promotional Web Design

Julia Grady RGD, Principal at Barking Dog Studios Inc., Guelph

Colin Payson, Associate/Senior Designer at Premise Design Communications, Toronto

Rebecca So RGD, Graphic Designer at Colliers International, Vancouver


q30 design Award for Brand Design

Rahul Bhogal RGD, Founder & Creative Director at Nothing Design Studio, Brampton

Tara O'Reilly RGD, Brand Strategist & Designer at O'Reilly Design Co., Calgary

Natalia Reis, Brand Consultant/Graphic Designer at q30 design, Toronto

Kathy Sigstad RGD, Brand & Graphic Design Specialist at Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, Chilliwack 


Quarry Award for UX Design

Michael Palmer, Executive Creative Director at Quarry, St. Jacobs

Richard Plantt RGD, Senior Designer at SchoolBundle Inc., London 

Peter Pimentel, Design Director at Engine Digital, Vancouver

Daria Shepelenko, UX Manager at Canada Post, Toronto 


Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design (Series)

Shinead D'Souza, Managing Senior Designer at Saje Natural Wellness, Vancouver

Catherine Didulka RGD, Creative Services Manager, Arterra Wines Canada, Mississauga

Yurko Gutsulyak RGD, Art Director & Graphic Designer at Gutsulyak.Studio

Gary Oakley, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto


The Workhouse Award for Book Design

Erin Craig RGD, Creative Director of Trade Publishing at Harlequin, Toronto

Sandy Jakkavanrangsri RGD, Senior Art Director at TrailerWorks in Toronto

Gilbert Li RGD, Principal + Creative Director, The Office of Gilbert Li, Toronto


The Works Design Award for Corporate Web Design

Larry Burke CGD, Principal & Creative Director at BURKE + BURKE, Halifax

Reesa Del Duca RGD, Founder & Design Director at Ballyhoo Design, Windsor

Nelson Silva, Creative Director at The Works Design, Toronto


Tony Jurgilas Award for Logo Design

Tony Jurgilas RGD, Principal & Design Strategist at 50 Carleton, Sudbury

Monica Martinez RGD, Principal & Creative Director at Monolab Design, Ottawa

Amanda Schutz CGD, Owner & Creative Director at CURIO STUDIO at Edmonton

Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising Design

Ryan Booth RGD, Creative Director, Design, at Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto

Amanda Phillips RGD, Art Director at Generator, Thunder Bay

Pamela Rounis, Associate Creative Director at Rethink, Vancouver


Zync Award for Concept Development

Tim Hoffpauir, Creative Director of Design at Cossette, Vancouver

Robin Honey RGD, Brand Consultant, London

Marko Zonta RGD, Principal & Creative Director at Zync, Toronto