17 Non-Profit Organizations Confirmed for RGD's second Designathon

RGD confirms 17 non-profit organizations to participate in our second Designathon, taking place at design studios across Canada on June 23!


At the various locations across Canada, teams of 3-4 participants (Student RGDs, Provisional RGDs and Junior Affiliates) will be led by an experienced Creative Director to work on a brief related to each non-profit project. Register to participate here.


Selected non-profits include:

Doctors Without Borders, Toronto

Brief: DWB is in need of a "call-to-action station" in the form of a booth or poster that will allow their event delegates to apply to work or donate to the organization.


Northern Cancer Foundation, Sudbury

Brief: This client is looking for help to update their billboard to something more current and more inline with their evolving strategic initiatives.


Bridges for Women Society, Victoria

Brief: Bridges would like new graphics to help them better communicate their growing organization’s services.


Etobicoke Humane Society, Toronto

Brief: This client is looking to receive design help for their 2018 Christmas fundraising campaign.


Agnes Zabail Boys and Girls Club, Ottawa

Brief: AZBGC is in need of a website landing page for their "Village Experience" tour experience.


...and more!


To see results from our first Designathon, click here.



Spots are now full for this round, but non-profit organizations are invited to submit design projects to be considered for the next event. Apply here.


For more information on this event, visit https://www.rgd.ca/events-and-programs/upcoming-events/events/1455.php