Prov. RGDs invited to apply for 17 specially-selected Mentors
Apply for the RGD Mentorship Program to be paired up with a Mentor who has the knowledge and experience that will help you grow your professional design career.


Fill out an application by August 1, where you will be asked to select your top two choices from a list of 17 mentors. This program is only open to Provisional RGDs. Student RGDs in their final year of student may also sign up for our regular Mentorship Program here.


The Structure of the Program
For a period of 9 months, you will have 6 sessions with your Mentor, 1 hour each. Sessions can be held locally or remotely depending on the location of both the Mentor and Mentee.


Any Provisional RGD not paired with one of these Mentors will be given the opportunity to participate in the Program with a different RGD Mentor in the industry with similar qualifications.


Designing your Sessions
Once the pairing has been finalized, you and your Mentor are ready to start the program! RGD will provide you with a list of discussion topics for each session, however, it is completely up to you and your Mentor what you'll want to cover in each session.


If you have any questions about the program, email .




"As a mentor, I would offer advice and critique in the areas of logo design, typography & lettering, motion design, user interface and experience design, and narrative story-telling. I would share best (& worst) practices for designing based on concept in your work & creative process, and how to foster productive collaborative relationships."

Breck Campbell RGD

Breck designs identities & develops brands for start-ups and product launchers in a systematic and methodical manner, focusing heavily on concept development. This approach has resulted in happy clients in the entertainment, tech, educational & financial sectors. Past clients & employers include MIT, GE, Technicolor, Paramount, OLG, CTV, CBC, Digital Extremes and Big Viking Games.


"As your Mentor, I would offer insights both from a national and international perspective, while sharing expansive conversations and love for what we do."

Vanessa Eckstein RGD

Having lived and worked in Buenos Aires, LA, NYC, Mexico City and Toronto, Vanessa brings a unique international perspective to her work. In 1998, she founded Blok Design, which partners with leading thinkers in the fields of architecture, film, industrial design and contemporary art to produce work for top global brands including Pepsi, Nike, the Miami Art Museum and Unicef among many others.


"As a mentor, I can share my knowledge and experience with designers looking to transition from the workforce into their own freelance practice or design studio. I can offer help with writing proposals, pricing projects, client relationships, pitching and presenting, and many other areas related to the business of design."

Anthony Furia RGD

Anthony is the founder and principal designer at Furia; a branding and design firm based in Toronto. His career has spanned 15 years, three continents, and many disciplines within the creative industry. Anthony's work has featured in prominent print and online design publications and has been recognized by national and international design awards.


"As your Mentor, I would offer insights on the industry in Toronto and internationally as well as guidance on how to identify their own personal goals and then find the right kind of opportunity to fulfil them."

Paddy Harrington RGD

Paddy is founder of Frontier, a creative exploration company consisting of a magazine, studio and ventures group. An award-winning writer and filmmaker with degrees in literature and architecture, Paddy has spoken at Brown, Harvard and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. His clients have included The New York Jets, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and the Holy City of Mecca. Formerly, Paddy was SVP, Design Innovation & Digital Creative Director at Indigo Books and Executive Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design.

"As a Mentor, I would provide insight into what it’s like to work as a designer in both in-house and studio settings. I’d offer advice on building and refining a digital portfolio, all while discussing our mutual love of our craft."

Meg Lynch RGD

Meg is a senior designer at Forge Media + Design, located in Toronto. For over nine years she’s applied her insight and enthusiasm to both Toronto and Vancouver’s design industries. She’s sharpened her skills crafting brands, building strategies and creating digital solutions that ensure meaningful experiences for the end user.

"I have worked in-house for Private and Public sectors for over 20 years. We can all agree being a creative in a corporate environment isn’t without it’s challenges; ie: surviving and succeeding transformation, value seeking, driving efficiency and generating creative power. As your mentor, I can share experiences of successes and epic fails and recommend through hard learning, ways to navigate and succeed in the world of in-house."

Tina Mackenzie RGD

Tina is the Manager of Creative Services at The City of Mississauga. She provides the creative leadership and direction to the design team for both print and digital media. Her team has a wide range of experience developing and designing engaging and effective work. 



"As your Mentor, I would share my knowledge and experience in communication and UX/UI design within a health education context. I would share insights on how to thrive creatively and advocate for design in a large in-house work environment. I would also help you to identify your career goals and pragmatic steps you can take to realize them."

Genevieve Metropolis RGD

Geneviève is a seasoned creative lead with 16 years’ experience in print in interaction design. She has a broad knowledge of the entire digital product design process and is a strong advocate for use of human-centred and collaborative design methodologies as a way to solve any design problem. She has worked in-house for Raincoast Books, Indigo Books & Music, Entertainment One, and is currently UX & Design Manager at AboutKidsHealth, SickKids.


"As a mentor, I can help those of you who are just getting into the industry to learn how to get your foot in the door. We can chat about how to bring the right attitude and confidence to the table, enabling you to channel your enthusiasm and skillset to take on any challenge!"

Sarah Prouse RGD

Sarah has worked as a graphic designer for over 13 years for a small firm in Markham. She graduated from the York/Sheridan program in design, and started working right out of school. Over the years, she’s worn many hats — involved in both the operations and design sides of running a small business. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of different clients, and on projects, both big and small. 


"As a mentor, I’d spend time in conversation getting to know you and your work, then offering insight and advice around refining your creative process, honing your craft and helping you start your career in the direction that’s best for you."

Mikey Richardson RGD

Mikey is an award winning design practitioner and founding partner of Jacknife. Responsible for leading creative and strategic teams, he has worked across an enormous range of industries from action sports to pharma. Before co-founding Jacknife in 2013, Mikey was a founding partner in AmoebaCorp, a company he helped build into one of Canada’s most respected design agencies over 17 years.


"As a Mentor, I would share my understanding of the importance of storytelling in design. I'm interested in helping you think about how to talk about yourself, your work, and your process in a way that is engaging and compelling. I'm happy to chat about crafting your portfolio, handling job interviews, or if you want to get into the nitty-gritty, editorial and print design."

Kyle Schruder RGD

Kyle is the Brand Experience Manager at Bridgeable, a Toronto-based service design consultancy. His background is in graphic design, specifically editorial design. He honed his editorial design chops at James Ireland Design and Fresh Art and Design Inc, working on publications for the University of Toronto, Opera Canada, and more. This deep immersion in the editorial world taught Kyle the importance of storytelling in visual design.


"As a Mentor, I would offer assistance in improving your creative process (research, storyboard, concept development,synopsis, etc.); refining, presenting and defending an animated project; and enhancing the business side of your practice (commercials, proposals, presenting)."

Jaoued Sidali RGD

Jaoued is an Art Director and Senior Motion Designer with a decade experience in digital media, bringing a proven knowledge of creative strategy, vision, communication, and management with an emphasis on media TV and workflow optimization for brands. Before starting as Motion designer, Jaoued was founder and creative director of Id Concepts in France. He grew it from a freelance operation to a 10-person web development agency that was later acquired. Jaoued now works for Groupe Média TFO where he has developed over 70 TV spots for clients.


"As a mentor, I’d like to share my knowledge of web design, data visualization, editorial design and practical skills such as adobe creative software and print ready file preparation."

Nikki Shih RGD

Nikki is a graphic designer with over 6 years of professional experience who is passionate about both print and digital design. Nikki brings to the table a valuable combination of deep understanding of user-centric design and technological awareness, and the talent to create beautiful and elegant solutions. Her work includes UX/UI design for web and mobile applications, maps & infographics and editorial design for magazines and books.


"As a mentor, I would bring a broad perspective, to help soften the boundaries between work and play, thinking and making, analog and digital, business and politics—with the goal of adapting to change and prospering in life, not being consumed by success and survival."

Nick Shinn RGD

Nick has a Dip.AD in Fine Art from Leeds Polytechnic. During the 1980s he worked in advertising as a creative director, in Toronto. Going digital in 1989 he started Shinn Design, specializing in publication design. Since 1980 he has designed over 40 typefaces, which run the gamut of styles and are well-known around the world. Pratt Nova and Sense & Sensibility are on view daily in The Globe and Mail (print and online), for which he has designed all fonts since 2002.


"As a Mentor, I would share my insights on how to survive and thrive in both the Ad Agency world and the In-house corporate world. I can share knowledge on how to build brands and create integrated campaigns. And if navigating the design job search world is where you need help then you came to the right person."

Simone St. Aimee RGD

Simone is a Graphic Designer/Art Director who has spent most of her life as a working creative. From owning her own make-shift studio at the age of 15 to her adult twenty year career working as an art director in advertising agencies the likes of Ogilvy One and MacLaren Macann to now as an senior in-house designer. She puts a level of passion, creativity and enthusiasm into her work that will either drive you crazy or you’ll love it. 


"As your Mentor, I will share what I have learned from my time art directing and designing in both the advertising and film industries. I will provide a straight forward approach to guidance and insights in crafting your portfolio, building your own personal brand, adapting to the hurdles and pitfalls young designers face and the importance of the big idea."

Beau Turner RGD

Beau is a multifaceted art director and graphic designer, experienced in creating design solutions for the advertising, television and film industries. Currently he is creating traditional, non-traditional and digital media for use in television and film productions.



"As your Mentor, I would work with you to further develop your creative process and offer guidance for creating and presenting killer ideas that are grounded in strong design thinking and business strategy."

Jennifer Weaymouth RGD

Known for her high energy and joie de vivre, Jennifer brings a creative ingenuity to everything she touches and inspires those around her. An award-winning graduate of OCAD, Jennifer has been applying her design excellence to projects for over two decades. In 2013, Jennifer launched Weaymouth Creative, her own boutique design firm specializing in branding, packaging and retail design. Recognized both nationally and internationally, Jennifer's work is influenced by a global outlook, love of arts and culture and her ongoing obsession with typography.


"As your Mentor, I’ll work with you to help you discover and promote your niche and build strong client relationships and share insights on designing in an intercultural environment. I’m especially interested in helping you embrace your personal values and how to use that to drive your creativity and professional direction."

Fe Wyma RGD

For more than 20 years, Fe has worked with a range of public and corporate clients across Canada. She is the principal designer of Kapwa Communications whose work is founded on the belief that communications is about more than strategy, design, and branding. Fe has taught at Algonquin College and Georgian College, and this, along with her experiences in Canada’s most northern and southern communities, fuel her desire to stay curious and keep learning.