Design Council releases 2018 Report on Design and its Value to the UK economy
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The Design Council in the UK has released The Design Economy 2018, their latest report on design and its value to the UK economy.


Building on their 2015 report, The Design Economy 2018 provides detailed insights that were not explored in the earlier edition.


According to their website, the report features:

  •     A breakdown of the true value of design to the UK economy.
  •     A regional breakdown of design hotspots and clusters.
  •     Updated statistics about the UK’s design exports, employment and productivity.
  •     Findings on business design use from over 1000 businesses.
  •     Short excerpts from two case studies of businesses using design.
  •     International comparisons.


Some highlights from the 2018 report show that: 

  • 1.69 million people in the UK are employed by the design economy; this is a 52% growth since 2009.
  • The number of design firms in the UK has more than doubled since 2010, growing by 63%.
  • Diversity in the industry is a problem in the UK; 78% of those working in the industry are male.
  • In 2016, the average weekly salary for workers in the design economy was £548 (~$952.00 CD), only slightly higher than the UK average weekly wage of £539 (~$936.00 CD) that year.


Click here to explore the full report.