"Design Canada" screens in seven cities across Ontario
Six famous Canadian logos

That's a wrap! RGD screened Design Canada, a new documentary, in seven cities across Ontario over the last few months.


A film by Greg Durrell, Design Canada is a documentary that celebrates the golden era of Canadian design. Featuring design legends such as Stuart Ash, Burton Kramer and Heather Cooper, the film uncovers and tells the story behind many of the most influential logos, typefaces, brands and more in Canadian history.


As a part of RGD's programming, the film was screened across Ontario from June to September. The film screened in London, Kitchener, Barrie, Ottawa, Kingston, Sudbury and Thunder Bay. In total, over 475 community members and RGD members from across Ontario came out to watch Design Canada!
















Photo credit: Sarah Dowling


After the Design Canada screening in Ottawa at the National Gallery of Canada on September 6, RGD hosted a panel on Canadian design and the impact its had on national identity. Panelists were Lynsey Thornton (middle left), VP of UX & GM of Core Product at Shopify; Jeannette Hanna (middle right), Brand Strategist & Author of Ikonica: A Field Guide to Canada's Brandscape; and Diti Katona RGD, Chief Creative Officer & Founding Partner at Concrete Design Communications (right). Wendy Millard RGD (left) moderated the panel.














Photo credit: Jesse Gibb RGD


The film screened at Museum London (above) in London, Ontario on September 13.




























Photo credit: Kate Bradfield Student RGD


On September 25, Design Canada screened to students and community members at Conestoga College.


A theatre of people similing.

Photo credit: Rod Nash RGD


When Design Canada made its way to Kingston on September 25, it screened to an excited audience at The Screening Room.




















Photo Credit: Sandy Korkola RGD


On its final stop in Thunder Bay, one of RGD's Founders, Barry Smith RGD, delivered an opening address.



Did you see Design Canada when it came to your city? What did you think?


Couldn't make it to one of the screenings? Design Canada will be digitally released this fall! Stay tuned to their website and social media for details.