New Projects by RGD Members - June 2019

Check out work from Generator, Kevin Moran RGD, Lindsay Smail RGD, Projektor and Zulu Alpha Kilo 


Lindsay Smail RGD designed an illustrated report for the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship.
This report highlights trends that will affect Canadians in 2030 and beyond. It aims to challenge policymakers, educators and employers to consider multiple, inter-connecting trends and to spark imaginative thinking. Illustrations by Jesseca Buizon.
Kevin Moran RGD helped the creative team at Spotify NYC with some fun illustrations for their annual company conference.
With a strict focus on process and experience, he developed a series of images that align with the groups vision and approach. Initially an exercise to spruce up their presentation deliverables, these images were applied to buttons, stickers and identification badges.



Ryan Booth RGD and the team at Zulu Alpha Kilo designed unique labels for the BIG IN JAPAN IPA.

For the launch of SingleCut Beersmiths in Japan, we developed the BIG IN JAPAN IPA – the beer that brings music to your ears. Four unique labels hid visual clues within QR codes for songs for that were literally big in Japan. Scanning the codes led consumers to the actual tracks on Spotify.



Amanda Phillips RGD (Generator Strategy Advertising) was responsible for the art direction, design and cover illustration for Tourism Thunder Bay Experience magazine.
Tourism Thunder Bay’s annual Experience magazine chronicles all the city has to offer for both visitors and residents alike. The theme of the 2019 edition was ‘Made in Thunder Bay’, so it was fitting to create a unique and eye-catching illustration of some local gems on the cover!
John Furneaux RGD and the team at Projektor developed the brand name and identity for SmartBe Wealth.

This new fintech firm understands gut reactions are detrimental to our finances. Their name reflects “smart-beta” technology – and is a rallying cry. The logo’s sine wave contrasts against hand-drawn imagery created by Nathalie Dion – together demonstrating how SmartBe’s emotional intelligence, combined with proprietary algorithms, works best for long-term financial health.


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