Photo contest encouraged teams to get creative at RGD's fifth Designathon
Designathon teams\' creative photos
At RGD's fifth Designathon on September 28, emerging designers worked on real-life projects for non-profit organizations. As a break from their hard work, and in an effort to win free tickets to DesignThinkers, we asked that they share creative team photos!


Take a look at the submissions below.


And the winner is... Whack-a-Designer!

Anthony Furia\'s team creative photo















Our #rgddesignathon team led by @anthony.furia making moves for non profits, and playing "whack-a-designer" to emulate our experiences of the highs and lows after a long day of making creative design solutions in the @shikatanilacroixdesign office. View the video here!

Non-profit: Lakeridge Health Foundation

Mentor: Anthony Furia RGD

Team: Allan Gomes Student RGD, Tess Heinricks Provisional RGD, Rachelle Lenihan Provisional RGD, Anushka Todi Student RGD


And the runner ups...


Christopher Woo\'s team photo

























Fuelled by coffee and our mentor @christopher.woo’s creative direction, our group of very talented designers made it through 12 hours of the #rgdDesignathon! 🎉 And now, they’d like to attend @rgdhub #DesignThinkers! 💁🏻‍♀️ Click here to view the photo.

Non-profit: LogicalOutcomes

Mentor: Christopher Woo

Team: Elyssa Biringer Student RGD, Vicky Gibson Provisional RGD, Kiana Shavalier Provisional RGD, Arsheen Virani Student RGD


Nicola Hamilton RGD\'s team photo

























Just spent the past 12 hours designing, isn’t that just kick-you-in-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic? Photo by @elisiaciancio #rgddesignathon #designerslikethese. Click here to view the photo.

Non-profit: INKspire

Mentor: Nicola Hamilton RGD

Team: Albertine Hsu Provisional RGD, Gopika Rajendran Student RGD, Kailey Skene Student RGD, Ashley Tomlinson Provisional RGD


Jane Vita and Donna Graffi Smith RGD\'s team photo































This is our #rgdDesignathon team! They’re rocking around the clock to deliver amaaaazing results at 8:30PM tonight. We’re already impressed! 🎉🥳🤩🙌🏼💪🏼 This was shot in front of the #Digitalist office in Vancouver at the world famous #steamclock, fighting all the tourists to get our 5 seconds of fame. (We were then escorted away by police because we tried to climb it for the extra portion creativity. Just for you, RGD.) 👮‍♀️ Click here to view the photo.

Non-profit: BCIT Student Association; BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Mentor: Jane Vita; Donna Graffi Smith RGD

Team: Kacharath Mann Student RGD, Dallas McKinnon Student RGD, Prateek Rajpal Student RGD; Valeriya Kim Student RGD, Kathrin Teh Student RGD



Want to see more of the teams' creativity? Click here to view the projects they completed for their non-profit organizations!