Call for Future by Design Screening Venues
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The next Future By Design events will be held on December 3 (Western Canada) and December 10 (Eastern Canada). Designers from across Canada are invited to host live screenings in their studios.
Western Canada Date: December 3, 6:00 - 8:30pm Pacific Time
Presenters: McLean Donnelly and Ti Chang

Eastern Canada Date: December 10, 6:00 - 8:30pm Eastern Time

Presenters: Wade Convay, Josh Goldblum and Wael Morcos


What to Expect:

Each of the 3 presenters will present one after the other, for 10 minutes followed by a 5 minute Q&A, and a 15 minute local discussion. 


Email  if you are interested in hosting a DesignThinkers Screening Party in your community.


Benefits of Participating as a Future By Design Screening Venue

- See presentations and hear insights from leading creative professionals from across North America

- Connect with members of your creative community by inviting creative professionals in your area to meet up and have discussions

- Receive goodies from RGD and a variety of industry suppliers to distribute to all participants, as well as special draw prizes


FBD discussion group at McMillan Agency, Ottawa


What you need:

  • a venue that can accommodate a group of 15 or more 
  • speakers and a large screen to display the footage
  • a projector and computer to run the presentations

What's involved: 

  • Promotion leading up to event (RGD provides details with sign-up, social media messaging to be shared with your network, email messaging to be forwarded to contacts and pdf posters to be shared in your community) 
  • Hosting the group - RGD will provide giveaway materials and a budget for refreshments for the event. We'll send over the list of registrants for you to check people in as they arrive. 
  • Leading the discussion - During the event, we'll ask you to encourage attendees to engage with the presentations and discuss  recurring themes.

FBD discussion group at Sid Lee, Montreal


"There is a strong community of designers here in London who look forward to attending design-related events - it is great to have opportunities to build on this and create more awareness of the design industry at large" -- Jason Recker RGD, London


FBD discussion group at College of the North Atlantic, St John's NFLD


"Before tuning into the webcast we had an opportunity to chat as a group and have everyone introduce themselves. New connections were made - which was great to see!" - Wendy Millard RGD, Kingston  


FBD discussion group at Factory Media Centre, Hamilton