Two Provisional RGD Members appointed to RGD Board for 2020
RGD Designers Supporting Designers

At its November Meeting, RGD's Board of Directors voted to appoint Caitlin Legere Prov. RGD and Daniela Buitrago Prov. RGD to the Board for 2020.  

Caitlin Legere Provisional RGD has been serving on RGD's Ethics Committee and had this to say about her involvement on the Committee. "I have enjoyed working alongside a group of passionate, engaged designers who are looking to raise standards in our industry. It’s taught me a lot about how supportive the RGD community can be and how to fine tune my craft in areas such as sustainability." 

We asked Caitlin what excited her about joining the Board. "I am honoured to join the RGD Board as I’ve transitioned from being a Student RGD to being part of something much bigger and I deeply respect the Members of the Board. I want to use my time and experience to give back to the design community."


Daniela Buitrago Provisional RGD has been serving on RGD's Education Committee and had this to say about her involvement. "I really enjoyed the opportunity to design the branding for RGD Designations. It was great to see my work on the RGD website and at DesignThinkers in Toronto. Most importantly, I am proud to think my designs are helping to promote the event to both students and non-profits."

We asked Daniela what excited her about joining the Board. "I'm a junior designer and so have many things to learn and many people to meet. I am looking forward to learning from the Certified RGDs that are on the Board and have much more experience than me in the industry. I am looking forward to contributing my skills and energy to the community."

All Members are welcome to apply to get more involved in RGD by joining RGD Committees. To get started, complete the online form here