Danielle Wong Provisional RGD appointed to the RGD Board for 2020/2021

At its June meeting, the RGD Board of Directors voted to appoint Danielle Wong Provisional RGD to the Board for a one-year term.  


Danielle graduated from the University of Alberta in May and then joined the RGD as a Provisional RGD Member. As a Student RGD, she served as co-Chair of the RGD's Student Rep Committee and also as a Student Advisor to the RGD Board.


We asked Danielle what interested her about joining the Board. "I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Student Committee both as a Member and a Co-chair. These opportunities have allowed me to broaden my design connections as well as learn more about the design industry in Canada. I look forward to continuing to do so as well as contribute to how the RGD can play a larger role for emerging designers from across the country".


As a Member of the Board, Danielle will be joining the RGD's Membership Committee.


"Provisional involvement at the Board level is vital—it helps ensure that the needs, perspectives and experiences of our emerging Membership have a voice within the Association. I am so excited to welcome Danielle into this role. Congratulations Danielle! We’re so lucky to have you and I’m very much looking forward to your continued contribution.” says Nicola Hamilton RGD, President. 


Provisional RGD Members are invited to apply to serve on RGD Committees and get involved other ways as a first step to be considered for one of two annual Board spots.


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The RGD has full-time staff but is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Every year, at RGD’s Annual Meeting, Certified RGDs have the opportunity to vote for up to 7 Certified RGD Board Members who serve alternating 2-year terms. In 2019, the RGD Board voted (and the Membership ratified) to increase the number of appointed Provisional RGD Members on the Board from 1 to 2.