2021 Call for Entries
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This year, RGD presents $20,750 CAD in cash awards for student work in all areas of communication design.


RGD will present $15,750 in cash awards to student work in all areas of communication design selected by panels of senior industry professionals.


RGD is also proud to launch new Awards of Special Recognition. Together with our generous sponsors, we will celebrate and recognize the unique journeys and barriers many students face as they develop their design skills. $5,000 has been allocated for this special fund. Eligibility details will be shared this spring!


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Entries Deadline: May 28, 2021



  • Win one of our 21 Awards of Specialty which includes $750 cash, recognition across RGD communications channels and a free RGD Membership until the end of 2022 (see below)
  • Receive an Award of Recognition with a cash prize (TBD) and recognition across RGD communications channels and a free RGD Membership until the end of 2022 (details to follow)
  • Winners and Honourable Mentions also receive an Awards Certificate.
  • All entrants receive constructive feedback on their work from among our 100+ judges.



  • Any student work may be submitted. Please review the descriptions of the Awards below to determine in what categories your projects best fit.
  • Entrants are limited to no more than 1 entry in all categories except: .design Award, Accessible Design Award, Motion Award, Web Award, UX Award, Indigenous Design Award and Placemaking Award which can all have up to 5.


  • There is no entry fee if you are a Student RGD Member or Junior Affiliate Member of RGD. Non-Members have to pay an entry fee of $30.
  • Students at the undergraduate level enrolled between September 2020 to August 2021 (With less than one year of professional experience in design. Student cannot be someone with work experience or enrolled at a postgraduate level except for 3 Awards)
  • Post-graduate students can enter the Accessibility, UX and Motion Awards only.
  • Students can be attending public and private institutions if listed as a designated learning institution by the Canadian Government or can be attending public institutions outside of Canada if the Student is a Canadian citizen.



(1) Go to our Judgify Awards Page.

(2) Click 'Submit an Entry' and create a New User account. (Note: an RGD Member login will not work. Create a new account to log in to Judgify)

(3) Submit entries through an online submission form.

(4) For each project you enter, define the client and/or target audience. Describe how your design solution is relevant to them.

(5) Certain Awards require additional rational information related to the specifics of the Award.

(6) For each entry, submit no less than 1, no more than 6, images of your project (1,000 pixels wide across recommended sizing).

(7) If you are submitting a website or motion graphic, ensure that a URL to the project or a movie file is uploaded.


Email  if you have any questions.



Award-winning creative professionals from across Canada will select the winning work. RGD will notify winners in September. 



.design Award for .design Website - any website that is submitted on a .design URL (available free for RGD Student Members) that promotes the individual entrant and/or a personal project, cause or initiative. Switch out your current .com or .ca domain to .design to qualify for this category! Just tell your hosting provider to 'point' to your new domain or contact   for more information.

Context Creative Award for Storytelling Design - any project that communicates and engages with a strong sense of narrative and purpose, combining words, images, graphics and your choice of media. Examples include editorially-inspired design projects, such as long-form articles, reports, or feature articles that may include the integration of infographics, illustrations, videography and more.

Design de Plume Award for Indigenous Design - any project influences or inspired by indigenous design, art and culture.

Domtar Award for Print Design - any project designed to be presented in the print medium. 

Entro Award for Placemaking Design - any project that helps build community through design interventions. This might be a poster for an event, a website for a tourist destination, a wayfinding system for a university or the design of a retail space.

52 Pick-up Award for Typography - any project that demonstrates the strategic and effective use of typography.

Forge Media + Design Award for Logo Design - any project that is intended to represent and identify a company, product, service or organization and its essence graphically to be applied consistently across all visual materials representing that company, product, service or organization.

Frontier Award for Editorial Design - any project designed as an article, magazine, newspaper or publication in print and/or digital formats.

Gravity Inc Award for Social Good Design - any project that demonstrates value to the community and how it solves local or global challenges.

Greenmelon Award for Packaging Design (Single) - any project designed to enclose, protect and promote a single product for sale. 

Haft2 Award for Colour - any project that demonstrates the strategic and effective use of colour in the development of the design solution.

Intent Award for Accessible Design - any project that explores design that is accessible to the greatest number of people, to the largest extent possible, regardless of their age or ability, across all design disciplines. All projects will be judged based on the application of accessible design principles in the development of the design solution.

Nurun Award for User Experience Design - any project that offers an exceptional user experience through innovative design, personalized data experiences and useful functionality.

Pivot Award for Information Design - any project that involves the design of clear, concise and visually attractive materials that enhance how people read, understand and use complex and/or detailed information. 

Polyester Studio Award for Motion - any project designed to communicate complex data and content in a visually appealing way that is easier to understand and use.

Premise Award for Strategic Design - any project that clearly articulate goals and how these were achieved.

q30 Award for Brand Design - any project that involves a visual set of associations representing a company, product, service or organization.

Quake Award for Creative Innovation - any project that applies unique and visionary solutions to the design process, products or interactions. 

SLD Award for Packaging Design (Series) - any project designed to enclose, protect and promote a series of products for sale. 

Works Design Award for Web Design - any website that communicates a company or organization's mission, objectives, products and services.

Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising Design - any project created to promote a specific business, program, event or special offer. 


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