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In 2019, creative leaders from a variety of design disciplines contributed valuable insights to RGD's webinar program. 


Check out our list of the top 10 most popular webinar presentations of the year, and stay tuned for more great presentations coming in 2020! 


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1. What’s New in Illustrator & InDesign: Tips and Tricks for Working More Effectively

Presented by Wayne Hoang, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Adobe

Each year the Creative Cloud releases a new version of Illustrator and InDesign that features enhancements, performance improvements and functionalities to help you work better and faster. This webinar covers the features that open doors for creative expression and enhance productivity. Click here for more presentations on Design Trends.


2. Journey Mapping: A Holistic Understanding of User Experiences 

Presented by Hamilton Hernandez, Senior Experience Architect at Akendi

From initial product introduction to recycling and service cancellation, grasping the end-to-end experience life-cycle is a critical factor in the success of a product or service experience. This webinar helps uncover expectations, pain points and opportunities and how to translate these insights into design innovations. Click here for more presentations on UX Design.


3. What Creative Directors Know 

Presentation 1: Ryan Booth RGD, Diego Lopez RGD, Udo Schliemann RGD and Jessica Vitale RGD

Creative Directors from Zulu Alpha KiloCompass CreativeEntro and FORREC share the most important lessons they've learned during their careers. 


Presentation 2: Matt Coyle RGD, Erin Craig RGD, Mikey Richardson RGD and Laura Stein RGD

Creative Directors from Cineplex, Harlequin, Jacknife Design and SID LEE share the most important lessons they've learned during their careers. 


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4. Skillsharing: Typeface Design, Accessible PDFs

Presented by Eric Forest RGD and Andrea Rodriguez RGD 

Two professional designers share their expertise on how to apply strategic design thinking to designing typefaces and creating accessible PDFs efficiently and effectively. 

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5. Concepts and Idea Making: Type and Image

Presented by Sean Adams, Chair of the Undergraduate and Graduate Graphic Design Program at Art Centre

Sean Adams explores the topic of inspiration and concept development, sharing his favourite examples of fresh ideas, memorable design solutions and distinct executions. 

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6. How and When to Charge More For Your Design Services

Presented by Alana Ruoso RGD, Graphics & Creative Manager at Benefit Cosmetics Canada

For designers looking to assess and analyze their fee structure, this webinar offers a fresh perspective on how to present services competitively, handle confrontation, introduce a new fee model to existing clients and feel confident in your pricing. Click here for more presentations on Business Issues. 

7. Worldwide Trends in Logo Design: A Look Inside the Numbers 

Presented by James I. Bowie, PhD, Sociologist at Northern Arizona University

James examines trends in logo design from around the world by analyzing data from the World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Brand Database which compiles millions of records from trademark offices of over 130 nations, including Canada. This webinar explores the big picture of logo design, the effect of changing cultural values and the societal significance of trends. Click here for more presentations on Design Trends. 


8. The Business Side of Running a Small Creative Studio 

Presented by Eli Altman, Writer and Creative Director at A Hundred Monkeys

This webinar focuses on the not so sexy parts of running a creative studio. Eli covers the important business considerations such as designing studio processes, defining your offering, measuring success, finding work and delegating. Click here for more presentations on Business Issues. 


9. How a Rebrand Happens, From a Client's Perspective

Presented by Ritesh Gupta, VP of Product at Serial Box

Ritesh offers insight on how clients think about, develop and execute new visual brand identities and how designers can address the biggest problems in the industry including diversity, representation and awareness of impact. He shares advice on how designers, agencies and in-house teams can work more effectively together to build sustainable relationships, revenue and positive results for all parties. Click here for more presentations on Branding

10. Bring Your Own Seat to the Table: How To Create a Culture of Design

Presented by Andy Vitale, UX Director, Wholesale Banking at SunTrust Bank

This webinar offers insight on how to identify the level of design maturity within an organization and how this impacts the value a designer is able to contribute. It provides an overview of 'designer math', how this tactic can be used to communicate results in a way that is meaningful to stakeholders and other strategies for leveraging design tools to influence and evolve organizational culture. Click here for more presentations on Careers.  

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