Art Gallery of Ontario 'Impressionism in the Age of Industry' Exhibition
This Exhibition showcases the work of European artists of the late 19th century and their representation of the modernity of industry and technology, from laundresses in the basements of Paris to rural labourers in fields. 



Graphic Designer: Marilyn Bouma RGD
Exhibition/3D Designer: Katy Chex
Curator: Caroline Shields
Curatorial Research Assistant: Caroline Mensing
Interpretive Planners: Gillian McIntyre, Laura Robb
Project Manager: Laura Comerford
Production Manager: Malene Hjorngaard
Photography: Dean Tomlinson


Design Solution:

The artists featured in this exhibition observed men and women at work and painted those individuals into history, prying open its often-told story to uncover a broader, more complicated and grittier view. The exhibition graphics were designed to echo this grittiness and the robustness of industry and to highlight travel, which was possible by the steam engine and rail lines that were being built from the city into the countryside. Designed brochures at the entrance are presented as a roadmap, providing information about the times through the artwork.