Camp PwC: Salesforce World Tour Afterparty Experience
To build off the success of PwC’s Front Office Transformation positioning, this branding extended the theme of ‘adventure’ into a summer camp experience for the Salesforce World Tour Afterparty event. 



Creative & Design Lead: Kelly Nicoll

Marketing Lead: Candace Collins

Marketing Specialists: Anna Richards-Velinou, Molly Williams

Event Services & Procurement Lead: Magdalena Grzelak

Social Media Lead: Serge Leshchuk

Digital & Web Lead: Dirk Soeterik

Business Lead & Internal Client: Justin Wortley


Design Solution:

Using pre-existing creative and a strong story, the team developed assets to immerse attendees in a real ‘Camp’ vibe. The design drives corporate messaging while creating a distinctive and unique experience for clients. The event package was co-opted by PwC teams in the US and the UK to deliver similar experiences at their own events, strengthening PwC Canada’s relationship with other territories and positioning the Canadian marketing team as ‘ones to watch’ within the global network. 


Judge’s Pick:

"The Camp PwC campaign has a strong theme and creative concept that is carried throughout the numerous collateral pieces. I especially enjoyed the tactile pieces like the patches and photo-simulated textures. The combination of illustrations and real photography brought depth and visually exciting results."

– Cris Jaw RGD