Conestoga Students Inc. ‘Don’t Assume Yes’ Consent Awareness Poster Series
This campaign educating Conestoga students on the importance of consent in a way is sensitive and relatable to a diverse audience through its use of clear messaging and complementary illustrations.



Designer & Illustrator: Carmen Fasan

Copywriter: Justine Voll


Design Solution:

The design uses illustrations to portray clear scenarios in a muted colour palette with pops of bright green to highlight the key message. Special care was taken with the use of language for the posters to best explain the narratives being depicted, which represent a diverse range of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The launch of the campaign coincides with the time of year during which the College receives its largest student intake to reinforce the importance of consent to the community at large. 


Judge’s Pick:

"The clever and clear messaging supported with the flat illustrative style really drives the point home. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into this piece, not only in what creative direction to take but also in what language to use. As this subject is important, the clear and concise language and a clean design all work together to communicate the message quickly and efficiently. This allows for quick consumption and retention for the demographic."

– Ian Scott RGD