Domtar Award for Innovative Use of Paper: UofTMed Magazine
This project aims to create eye-catching design for the ‘The Art of Dying’ and ‘The Sex Issue’ entices busy professional alumni to engage with the magazine, growing affinity and pride in U of T Medicine. 


Design Solution:

A direct question or simple statement for the inside covers and first pages create intrigue and allow readers to quickly grasp the content theme. For the cover of The Art of Dying, a memento mori was commissioned to reflect society’s collective fear of an over-medicalized “bad death,” using an embossed skull obscured in the hospital bed. For The Sex Issue cover, a more playful tone was achieved through the use of bright pink and an attention-grabbing tease: a peelable condom-shaped sticker.



Publisher: Linda Quattrin

Editor: Heidi Singer

Art Direction, Design & Photography (Primary): Mark Bennett

Digital Editor: Roberta Brown

Cover Illustration (The Art of Dying): Lucas Young