Drake Hotel Properties Drake Motor Inn Visual Identity
This compelling identity for Drake Hotel Properties’ newest Prince Edward County destination communicates the property’s ‘Mid-Century Americana’ character while maintaining the quintessentially ‘Drake’ feel (high-low, evocative, artful). 



Creative Director: Joyce Lo

Art Director: Kathy Grant

Graphic Designer: Amy Savidge

Photography: Michael Graydon, Kayla Rocca, Louisa Nicolaou Graydon Harriott

Illustration: James Fisher

Signage: Ian Milne


Design Solution:

The team created an irreverent relationship between text and image, using some typefaces from the overarching Drake style guide combined with new fonts to communicate the specific character of the property. Pastel colours contrast darker, punchier shades to create an effect that calls to mind sun-bleached nostalgia without feeling too soft. As the property renovation was happening simultaneously with the design process, the team sourced vintage images that were used in conjunction with typography and illustrations to represent the spirit of the property. 

Judge’s Pick:

"Drake Motor Inn stood out to me as the best of the best. It is an extensive, consistent, fun and beautiful execution of a marketing need and creative strategy with a strong design eye. It feels consistent with the established Drake aesthetic while differentiating the look and feel in alignment with the concept of the Inn. It is a successful update of a “vintage” feeling that mixes the best of the old and new elements, and I loved the whimsical elements that were engaging and fun. Great work!"

– Karuna Scheinfeld


"This system was thoughtfully considered from start to finish. The design captures a personality and story likely to resonate with audiences seeking unique and memorable experiences and who have an appreciation for the details. The system stays true to a simple idea played out across everything from the marketing communications, interior space, hotel collateral and signage to the clever self-service vending machine. And the writing helps pull everything together capturing the feeling of a simpler time, one of roadtrips, small towns, meaningful interactions and an ideal place to get away from it all."

– Wade Convay