Ecobee SmartThermostat Packaging Design
An update to ecobee’s approach to packaging in response to customer journey mapping research, placing more emphasis on post-purchase user experience, brand reinforcement and reduction of the environmental footprint. 



Designer: Mike Withers
Copywriter: Josh Davidson
Industrial Design & Production: Uneka


Design Solution:

The team used this packaging update as an opportunity to evolve the existing brand look and feel, while also retaining consistency with existing brand assets. A minimalist, stylized representation of the product on the front panel reinforces the product’s distinct ‘squircle’ ID. The uncoated paper combined with iridescent foil accents juxtapose the almost-magic features of the product with a more refined, domestic tone. The refined packaging system was very well received and the updated icons, colours and other design elements have been adopted across ecobee’s campaigns.