Halifax Public Libraries Engagement Materials 2019

This project aimed to raise awareness and promote the Library as a place for everyone, while reinforcing the Halifax Public Libraries brand and highlighting key messaging. 



Creative Lead: John Thomson
Graphic Designer: Ashley Radisic
Manager Marketing & Communications: Janine Basha
Marketing Specialist: Colleen Fraser


Design Solution:

A series of sandwich-board inserts and stickers were created to be handed out as giveaway prizes at local gatherings to help draw in community members to Library pop-up events. With the Halifax Public Libraries brand, the challenge is always to find interesting ways to express it with consistency while allowing uniqueness and individuality to shine through. Creating ‘pixel’ art with the brand squares from the logo helps highlight the Library’s offerings and priorities in an interesting and creative way. Both the stickers and sandwich-boards were inexpensive to produce and can be reused for future promotional opportunities.