Herschel Supply Company 2018 Season Two Classics Catalogues
This series of catalogues evokes feelings of discovery and travel, while also acting as a sales tool for local and international distributors and establishing cohesion with catalogues from Season One. 



Art Director: Sung Lee 

Designers: Jenny Shipper, Andrea Husky

Creative Director: Jamie Cormack

Photography: Stephen Wilde

Editor: Frank Daniello


Design Solution:

Hawaii’s landscapes and the idea of boundless exploration inspired a diverse line of products for the season. The design challenge was to evoke the feeling of Hawaii in a fresh, interesting and non-literal way. The use of aerial photography, Polynesian-inspired typography and a foliage-inspired colour palette helped achieve this effect. To establish cohesion between seasons, the catalogue incorporated imagery shot both locally and in Hawaii. 


Judge’s Pick:

"This project was tasteful and a clever application of creative intent; it’s the kind of piece that gets the consumer to connect to the brand and not just the product. It gave me an intimate view of the product range and made me feel as if I were actually inhabiting the brand. The impactful photography depicts the Hawaiian landscape and natural beauty; it is an original yet simple spin on the Hawaiian aesthetic without overpowering the product line-up. As a tool for both trade and consumers, this execution shows that trade tools can also be inspiring and tell a story of the creative direction for a brand’s specific collection. Although this is a collection preview lookbook for Herschel, the look and feel of the catalogue makes you want to discover and really makes the Herschel product shine through its storytelling."

– David Guarnieri