University of Calgary ‘We Are UCalgary’ Video
This brand marketing video is part of an overarching positioning toolkit for the University of Calgary, providing a ‘first-touch’ visual and emotive overview of the university and its points of distinction. 



reative Director: Vishu Mahajan

Videographer: Eric Gonzalez

Copywriter: Mike MacKinnon

Illustrator: Jarett Sitter


Design Solution:

To capture UCalgary’s bold, youthful and vibrant spirit, inspire pride within the community and drive engagement with the University, the team created a story around five of the institution’s key attributes: Curiosity, Discovery, Creativity, Community and Energy. The cadence of the video was customized to create a quirky and energetic vibe and inspiring images were chosen to communicate the breadth of experiences at the university. Using existing video footage from the university’s homepage, the video uses dynamic, punchy cuts and playful animation to set the tone. 


Judge’s Pick:

"The UCalgary video has the perfect combination of graphics and footage. The music is punchy and upbeat which makes it very engaging from start to finish. It gives a real glimpse of what it’s like to be a student at UCalgary in 45 seconds. If I was a student I would be very proud to be a member of that community!"

– Donna Graffi-Smith RGD