Five DesignThinkers VAN Scholarships awarded to emerging designers for imagining their speaking debut
Collage of Scholarship winners
RGD is excited to announce that five Scholarships to DesignThinkers 2020 VAN have been awarded to emerging designers across Canada who creatively imagined their speaking debut.


To enter the Scholarship Program, Student RGDs, Provisional RGDs and Junior Affiliate Members were invited to create a poster for themselves as if they were speaking at this year's Conference (see examples for existing DT speakers) and post it on social media.


The final winners were chosen by generous industry Sponsors. The winners receive $500 from the Sponsor and a free DesignThinkers ticket, provided by RGD.


We received 25 entries and were wow'ed by the ingenuity in every poster. To see all of the Scholarship entries, search #rgdDT on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Congratulations to the Scholarship winners and well done to everyone else who entered!




Sponsored by Cap Watkins

Janelle Momotani Student RGD

See Janelle's entry, "The importance of gender equality in the creative industry," here!

Janelle Momotani\'s Scholarship entry

























Sponsored by Cap Watkins

Becca Lowe Student RGD

See Becca's entry, "Constructed Worlds: Narratives and Storytelling in Design," here!

Becca Lowe\'s Scholarship entry

























Sponsored by 123w

Jay Abernethy Student RGD

See Jay's entry, "Mixed and Traditional Media in Graphic Design," here!

Jay Abernethy\'s Scholarship entry

























Sponsored by 123w

Rachel Kearney Student RGD

See Rachel's entry, "The intersection of typography & poetry: An epic love story on how they complete each other," here!

Rachel Kearney\'s Scholarship entry























Sponsored by Pound & Grain

Paige Guzzell Provisional RGD

See Paige's entry, "Cabin Fever : Growing as a designer surrounded by yourself," here!

Paige Guzzell\'s Scholarship entry