Projects by newly Certified RGD Members

Check out projects by Ben Wu RGD, Design Is Yummy, Jesyka Parla RGD, Lisa Samlal RGD, Hossein Zaryab RGD, Meat Studio and Naghmeh Armis Goodarzi RGD.


Elana Rudick RGD and the team at Design Is Yummy created this annual report for Niskamoon Corporation, a non-profit organization that develops projects in collaboration with Cree land users to alleviate the impacts of hydroelectric development. The report is a key tool for them to maintain transparency with the community.
A central theme of nature is echoed through monochromatic photography and bold illustrations. The 140-page report is perfect bound and features a linear emboss on the front cover.
Ronald Tau RGD and the team at Meat Studio developed the identity for Peiping Machine, a craft brewery that is dedicated to purist brewing techniques and consistent quality.
The logo sources “Li Shu” style brush calligraphy from Peking-era ephemera and attempts to modernize it by accentuating the strength and sharpness of the strokes. The identity, including promotional imagery, is typography-based. The brand pays tribute to Asian design aesthetics, but maintains a sense of objectivity by applying the Swiss International Style.
Lisa Samlal RGD created this passport design for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 
A mix of Lithograhic and Intaglio printing, this passport design contains latent images, microprinting and a gamut of other security features. Still in use today by the citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the design of this passport began as a coalescence between Illustrator and Photoshop before being converted to security linework.
Naghmeh Armis Goodarzi RGD designed a Persian New Year greeting card for Pars Gostaran Armoon, an advertising agency. The Persian New Year is the first day of spring in the lunar calendar. This task consisted of 200 issues to be sent to clients as a token of appreciation for their collaboration during the year.
Persian New Year is a very special date for Iranians as they celebrate nature's new cycle of life on the first day of spring. The client requested a distinctive design, to provide the company's clients with a greeting card. In this project I strategically integrated Iranian traditional and symbolic elements such as calligraphy and a culturally identifiable bird to deliver the message. 
Hossein Zaryab RGD designed the book cover of "Khaterat e Harkoja" (Memories from anywhere). 
This book is a collection of the author's notes and memoirs of his meetings with Iranian writers and researchers. Most of the meetings were unplanned and informal. The book gives the readers a new point of view to the life and works of famous writers. The author wanted the cover to have a warm, witty and an unplanned look and feel. 
Ben Wu RGD participated in the project Hong Kong Pavilion in the China International Import Expo 2019 in Shanghai.
The objective of this project was to present to the Chinese president, ministers and visitors from worldwide countries the unique and core values of Hong Kong in political, economic, cultural and technological. 
Jesyka Parla RGD created daily campaign emails for SUZY SHIER that went directly into our subscribers' inboxes.  
Each layout was built out with given photo assets that she was then able to manipulate and place in a way that increased link clicks and engagement. Each day she put herself into the shoes of user personas, making sure to consistently stay on brand. 


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