Deloitte Canada HC Trends 2017 Campaign (British Columbia)
Deloitte University Press conducts an annual global survey and creates a Global Human Capital Trends report for each year. 



Creative Direction: Caroline Bruckner RGD

Design: Donna Graffi-Smith RGD

Illustration: Lucie Rice, Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency 



Deloitte Canada takes the Canadian data from the global survey to create a report for Canadian businesses. As a spin-off publication, the Canadian report uses the global visual for the campaign, which included game board graphics from illustrator Lucie Rice from from Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency. The team worked with Lucie to make modifications and add a Canadian angle. Information is broken up into sections to showcase the important data. The game board theme brings readers through an 8-page gatefold (or 8-page PDF, when viewed online). The creative was very well received by the marketing team and Human Capital professionals, as well as clients. 


Judge's Comment: 

“Creativity meets exquisite design with Deloitte Canada’s HC Trends 2017 campaign. It is a fantastic example of the skills of in-house designers and their creative teams as well as what they can achieve when given the freedom to do so.”

– Michelle Hopgood RGD


In-House Design Awards 2017