10 Creative Directors Share What Their Ideal Candidate Looks Like
We asked 10 Creative Directors what their ideal job candidate looks like.

1. “My ideal candidate has the ability to be part of a team but with a unique spark of individuality." Catherine Didulka RGD, Constellation Brands.
2. “My ideal candidate is out-going but not in your face.” Tim Smith RGD, The Pixel Shop
3. “My ideal candidate is as excited about working with us as I am with them.” Doug Jackson RGD, Accurate Design and Communications
4. “My ideal candidate has an eagerness to adapt to the unique needs of every client and every project.” Adam Antoszek-Rallo RGD, Catalyst Workshop
5. “My ideal candidate has a strong commitment to their work, their industry, their colleagues and friends and their studio.” Brent Long RGD, Fusion Design Group
6. “My ideal candidate is enthusiastic, conscientious, interested, hard-working and has common sense.” Claire Dawson RGD, Underline Studio
7. My ideal candidate understands how code works and thinks about user experience. I can’t believe there are designers who still say, ‘I don’t do web design’. Robin Honey RGD Honey Design
8. “My ideal candidate complements our studio culture. We place as much importance on their personality as we do their talent.” Bob Hambly RGD, Hambly & Woolley
9. “My ideal candidate has the ability to create a design language that is able to live across many different mediums.” Barry Quinn, Juniper Park
10. “My ideal candidate is willing to learn, open to criticism, and highly collaborative. Humility and curiosity are their greatest assets.” Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Blok Design.