In-House Design Books and Articles

By Rick Tibau RGD, Graphic Designer at Downtown Auto Group


With economic crisis after crisis, shrinking budgets and the shift from TV/Print to digital, the amount of In-house design teams increased as a solution for a more affordable and agile alternative than design agencies. At the same time the quality of the work done by In-house design teams improved considerably, since many qualified designers also made the shift to work from within a corporation.
A situation that could be viewed as something that would impose limits to creativity was turned into an opportunity to create new and better work.
It is the duty of the designer to always try to bring something better and innovative to the stiffer structure of corporations.


In-House Design In Practice by Cathy Fishel explores the day-to-day challenges of working in-house from a design perspective.
Managing Corporate Design: Best Practices for In-House Graphic Design Departments by Peter L. Phillips is a good resource for Design Managers on how to get the best work from the design team and maintaining a good relationship with the rest of the company.
The Corporate Creative: Tips and Tactics for Thriving as an In-House Designer by Andy Epstein focuses on key strategies and tactics to help you establish yourself and your team as powerful players in your company.

Other Books for Inspiration

Some design inspiration books to give an “out of the box” view of the design and put a little spice on the more conventional in-house design.


Sagmeister, Made You Look by Stefan Sagmeister
In-house teams vs. creative agencies, the benefits of each approach by Behrad Mirafshar is a first hand account of a in-house designer.
4 Reasons to Build an In-House Creative Team by Veronica Vannoy enlists the advantages of establishing an In-House Creative Team




In-House Creative Industry Report developed by CellaCella has developed it’s In-House report for more than 10 years, an extensive resource of information presented with infographics and comprehensive data.




Rick is a Graphic Designer/Art Director that divided his professional experience between Brazil & Canada in advertising agencies & in-house departments. Currently, Rick is working at Downtown Auto Group and pursuing an UX certification at U of T.