StickerYou shares Tips to grow your Social Media Community
In today’s digitally driven age, it’s essential for individuals and companies to have an active and impactful presence on various social media platforms. StickerYou shares some tips to grow your following without breaking the bank on social ads. 
Leverage Instagram Stories


Throughout the day, most active social media users casually swipe through stories and engage in content they enjoy. Take advantage of this by starting conversations and fostering growth with your posts! Ask some simple questions and invite users to respond, offering a perfect opportunity to follow-up and network. Questions are a great way to learn more about your community and followers. Ask them about what type of content they’d like to see, who their favourite digital creators and designers are or what trends they think will be big this year.

Provide Valuable Content


Building a community is about much more than posting content that matches your audience’s interests. Challenge yourself to provide users with knowledgeable, problem-solving content that they can capitalize on. Think of yourself as a thought leader and brand yourself as a guru in the space. Infographics, bullet points and transformations are all easily digestible ways to disseminate information on your various social media platforms.

Host Giveaways and Contests

Building awareness about your social presence doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider hosting a giveaway for your audience - requirements could include following you, as well as liking and sharing your post.
As a reward, give out some branded swag, such a stickers of your logo featuring compelling or eye-catching artwork or create some custom apparel with iron-ons! Not only will your fans be excited to rep your merch, but they will continue to raise brand awareness about you for years to come!

Tell Your Story


Storytelling offers the perfect opportunity to connect emotionally with your audience. Don’t be afraid to open up, tell your story and communicate what makes you or your services unique and why you’re special. This establishes stronger connections with your audience and adds a more personal element in a content-saturated world. Real people and real stories will always outperform fast-paced, churned out content.

Feature Community Content and Shoutouts


Showcasing posts from your community is an excellent way to open up lines of communication. Share content that inspires you or shoutout accounts that you pull inspiration from! When doing this, tag them and oftentimes they’ll return the favour! These acts will build goodwill and add a level of likability and reliability to your content.
Written by: Cy Svendson, Social Content and Community Manager, StickerYou

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