Inspired by a castle, Awake Studio rebrands Dundurn Press Identity

By David Taylor RGD, Principal, Creative Director at Awake Studio


Following the retirement of the founder of Dundurn Press after 45 years, the press has new owners and a new direction for their literary list. They have been signalling this change through the media for a year now and it was time for the brand identity to catch up.
The Dundurn colophon, a signature element of the visual identity, was inspired by the architecture of the Folly from the grounds of Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Ontario. Using a repeated key architectural feature the result is a portal. The window or keyhole creates a sense of dimension and escapism for the brand that mirrors the mental escape that people enjoy when connecting with a great book. The colophon is the cornerstone of the Dundurn brand and has great flexibility of use in order to be an engaging and memorable element of the visual identity.
One of the most important applications for the Dundurn logo was a book spine. Whether the colophon is just the symbol or the full lock-up, it needed to have clarity and impact. We created a number of logo variations to ensure Dundurn had an arsenal of options at their disposal. And the great thing about a book spine is that it highlights the layered arch if the book is placed upright and it shows off the layered D monogram when laid flat. 
Upon the first week of the launch, Canadian long-running magazine of the Canadian book trade, Quill & Quire, favourably reviewed the rebrand, a very optimistic start to the full reveal.



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