Students share Projects completed with Industry Professional Mentors

Last summer, the RGD launched a new format of our Mentorship Program where Students worked on a portfolio project assigned by and under the creative direction of professional Designers. Below, participants share their completed projects from our first-ever Internship Edition. 


Earlier this year, we launched the second Internship Edition with 30 Mentors for Student RGDs, Provisional RGDs and Junior Affiliates.   


CETL Community Project by Jasmine Bashaj Prov. RGD

Mentor: Jennifer Shadbolt RGD, Senior Designer at Piccadilly Communications in Toronto
CETL is an online interactive community fostering connections between generations and cultures. The goal of this project was to promote curated alternate learning between the members through an online community platform. This was achieved by designing a website, YouTube channel and a blog where people can share advice, lessons, demonstrations and skills.

Science World After Dark Marketing Collateral by Kristina Campeau Student RGD

Mentor: Jennifer Cook, Creative Director at Science World in Vancouver 
Science World After Dark is a monthly event where adults 19+ can enjoy the galleries, science shows and space of Science World at their leisure without children. The goal was to redesign the After Dark event's logo and posters following Science World's new brand guide and creating social media posts and banner ads with the new designs.

Roots & Ray by Nikki Cohen Student RGD

Mentor: Katie Wilhelm RGD, Graphic Designer & Marketing Consultant in London
Rooted Plant World, an online indoor plant retailer, is opening a brick and mortar store where they will be selling art prints. They required a brand refresh and a flexible marketing campaign to target new millennial clients. 

ELLE Canada Editorial Layouts by Julia Greco Student RGD

Mentor: Jed Tallo, Art Director of ELLE Canada in Toronto 
Each of these layouts were published in either the September, October or November issues of ELLE Canada.

Swift Identity Redesign by Angelica Li Student RGD

Mentor: Mark Roberts RGD, VP Creative Director, Davis Design Group
This project was a redesign of branding and packaging for the Swift, a quick-and-easy meal solution. The redesign also considers possible strategic marketing options that will help elevate and promote both the brand and the its objectives. 
Special thanks to Celeste Mendonca and Craig McCrindle as well for providing helpful insight and feedback along the way!

Miku Rebrand by Kelly Wong Prov. RGD

Special thanks to Amanda DeVries RGD and Renee Yeung for their critique during this creative process
As Miku's cuisine unfolds traditional flavours to a modern audience, the new brand identity, inspired by the Japanese Edo period, visualizes the restaurant's hybridization of the traditional and modern. The traditional calligraphic type and colour scheme references the high-contrast colour palette of traditional art created in the Edo period.

Swift Brand Redesign by Victor Wong Student RGD

Mentor: Mark Roberts RGD, VP Creative Director, Davis Design Group
Swift is a Canadian value brand of processed meat products owned by Maple Leaf Foods. The new branding and packaging is designed keeping in mind the current market, their goal to  become the most trusted brand of processed meats that is price savvy and consumers feel good when looking for a quick-and-easy meal solution.

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