The RGD announces Design Partner for new RGD Branding Awards
Rethink has signed on to develop the branding for the RGD's newest Awards program making its debut in early 2023.


The RGD Branding Awards will offer an opportunity to local and international design and branding firms at all levels to showcase and be recognized for their work. The program will run on a 3-year rotation, alongside our So(cial) Good Design Awards and In-House Design Awards.

"We've worked with the RGD in the past — branding DesignThinkers 2017, which was a very enjoyable experience — so we jumped at the opportunity to partner with them again," offers Hans Thiessen RGD, Partner & Creative Director of Design at Rethink. "The fine folks at the RGD are equal parts smart, good-humoured and open to pushing the limits of what's possible with 'graphic design'. We'd be fools to say no to them."
Inspired by an unsung icon from the world of visual branding, the ambitious idea that the team at Rethink has collectively landed on is a trek into uncharted territory. "The most challenging part of the process is currently underway. The team is already getting a little bit sweaty, in the best way possible," shares Hans.  
"As with all branding projects Rethink works on, the bulk of our upfront energy was spent generating ideas. We relentlessly came up with 100+ ideas to ensure we landed on a clear, unexpected idea that had the potential to blow things up," says Hans. 
This new awards program will accept entries from branding to brand refreshes, also for specific elements of branding such as motion, logos, packaging and websites.

Stay tuned for the 2023 RGD Branding Awards brand reveal which will be sneak-previewed at DesignThinkers October 28! The program will launch in early 2023 with a final deadline for entries in June.

If you are interested in sponsoring the new Awards or have questions, email .