Volunteer of the Month for May 2021

The RGD thanks Amy Eaton RGD, Brand & Creative Manager at Communitech, for her contributions to the RGD community.


"Amy is a wonderful addition to the RGD Membership Committee. A constant source of great ideas, she is supportive and respectful of everyone. Her Design+ article series for the RGD website & newsletter is a delight to read, providing an insightful look into the many paths designers can take through their careers. I always look forward to them!"
— Elyse Maxwell RGD, VP and Chair, RGD Membership Committee.
How long have you been volunteering with the RGD and in what capacity?
I've been volunteering with the RGD for the last two years, first on the Ethics Committee and now as part of the Membership Committee. I've also had a chance to lead roundtables at events both in-person and virtually.
What contribution are you most proud of / What experience/memory stands out for you?
I am most proud of the Q&A series, Design+, that I work on with my teammate Renee Taillon Provisional RGD! When I first suggested the idea I had no idea how it would turn out so it's been really rewarding getting feedback from members who have enjoyed my pieces.
What is the most surprising/unexpected thing to come out of volunteering with the RGD?
New designer friends! When the Ethics Committee was dissolved to make room for a new committee I continued working on a project with another member even though it wasn't part of our new mandates. We quickly realized we were both in it for the catch-up time and now meet virtually for social calls.
What have you learned about the industry since volunteering for the RGD?
It's been great learning how folks in similar roles approach the challenges I am facing. I always appreciate the validation I receive from other designers in the community.
Based on your experience volunteering with the RGD, how would you describe the role of the organization in the industry?
I see the RGD as a strong advocate for design in the business community. As individuals it can be challenging to improve ethics, set best practices and demonstrate the valuable contributions design makes, but as a team we can push things forward.
What have you gained from being an RGD volunteer and why would you recommend it to other members who might be thinking of getting involved?
I expected to network with other designers, but I've definitely gained friends. I'm looking forward to when things open up again so that I can meet up with some of my former and current RGD Committee Members to chat in person. If someone was considering getting involved I would encourage them to go for it! I was a Member for a few years before volunteering and being part of the action makes all of the events and progress more fun.
Do you have thoughts on what you might like to do as a volunteer with the RGD in the future?
Through my Design+ series I've really enjoyed seeing the different ways design roles can be expanded, whether it's through an interest in accessibility, web analytics or event production, there are so many ways to grow. In the coming year I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from other designers across Canada.
Amy recently moved back to Kitchener after spending nine years in Toronto working for tech, insurance and publishing companies. She enjoys managing and designing digital marketing campaigns, captivating content and engaging brand experiences. 

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