Committee Members
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Meet our Committee Members.


Ceri Tully Provisional RGD, Co-Chair (she/her)

Kitchener, ON

Ceri has an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Conestoga College and a BS in Psychology from the University of Toronto. Her background in psychology and research brings a unique analytical perspective to design projects. She loves the challenges and ever-changing environment of design, and her favourite part of being a designer is coming across those "A-ha!" moments. She currently works as a designer for The Blondes in Kitchener. Her design work spans branding, website design, and editorial, with a focus on making design accessible for all.


Danielle Wong Provisional RGD, Co-Chair (she/her)

Edmonton, AB

Danielle graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Design. She is a multi-disciplinary designer currently employed by Destroythebox where she completed an internship in 2019. She creates branding, advertising, packaging and website design. Danielle is passionate about how design can be used to highlight important issues. Specifically in terms of raising awareness for the challenges faced by at risk communities.

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Chaza Abdel Samad Provisional RGD (she/her)

Ottawa, ON

Chaza is an OCAD U alumna with a passion for design and the endless possibilities the application of its principles has across different sectors. Chaza loves designing experiences and telling stories using various mediums and platforms. Currently, she works as an Innovation Designer at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). She joined the ESDC family as the first designer to be hired within the policy development branch. Chaza is always striving to do work that is meaningful and impactful. Currently she is expanding her knowledge in behavioural insights to improve her experience design skills.

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Dave Brynczka Provisional RGD (he/him)

Toronto, ON

Dave is a freelance graphic designer and a member of the RGD since 2019. His focus is on branding, typography, and art direction.  Since becoming an RGD member is passionate about raising awareness and showing people invaluable resources in becoming a member. Dave loves to stay active in his spare time and indulge in playing video games from time to time.

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Pansy Cheung Provisional RGD

Toronto, ON

Pansy is a strategist at Apply Digital and the founder of The Visual Narrative Company, a design studio specializing in helping female founders tell their stories and raise funding through their pitch decks. With 7 years in the industry, she combines storytelling, visual design, and communication strategy to create authentic experiences. 

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Natasha D'Costa Provisional RGD (she/her)

Toronto, ON

Natasha is a graphic designer with a love for brand identity, typography and editorial design. Her approach to working on any project is balanced with a unique mix of creativity, organizational and problem-solving skills. Lately she’s been trying to get out of her comfort zone by taking on new challenges, meeting new people and learning new skills.

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Bianca Jozwiak Provisional RGD (she/her)

Newmarket, ON

I'm a graphic designer currently working at Plan International Canada as an in-house designer. Outside of my work, I also freelance and work closely with small businesses, start-ups and nonprofits with any and all design based needs. My personal passion projects include daily custom typography and hand lettering (which I make sure to show off on my instagram) and advocating for more shared AODA based trainings and resources within the design community.

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Leah Lucyshyn Provisional RGD

Swift Current, SK

Leah has always been defined as nonstop creative. She is currently a graphic designer at Mash Strategy where she specializes in branding, digital advertising, and web design. She completed her Graphic Communications Diploma at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Lifelong learning is important to Leah as she continues to expand her design skill set and understanding of global trends as well as standards. Her enthusiasm for the creative world leads her to emphasize quality and detail in all her work. Leah is most inspired by mid-century designs with bold colour choices that she brings into her passion projects.

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Gopika Rajendran Provisional RGD (she/her)

Welland, ON

I am a graphic designer and illustrator with two years of experience. I currently work with multiple clients on a wide range of projects, including print publications, branding, social media content, illustration, lettering, motion, web design, etc. If I am not designing or working on my passion projects, you can find me either binge-watching movies/tv-shows or reading a book or, let’s be honest geeking over awesome designs I found on Instagram.

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Kathy-Ann Scantlebury Provisional RGD (she/her)

Toronto, ON

Kathy-Ann is a graphic designer who recently discovered her passion for motion and 3D design. She immigrated from Barbados to Canada to expand her design career. Inspired by the world around her, Kathy-Ann strives to make impacts that will change not just her community but one day the world. She has always been someone who sees the world from a unique perspective. Which drives her to be the multidisciplinary creative she is; an out-of-the-box thinker, a cosplayer, a builder, a designer.

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Jessica Tang Provisional RGD (she/her)

Edmonton, AB

Jessica specializes in crafting cohesive and accessible branding, illustration and editorial work. She is currently the web designer at Kobot Industries in Alberta. She specializes in giving order to and connecting a wide variety of different content pieces. She creates beautiful and practical design solutions that are set apart visually by her attention to detail and strong sense of colour, composition and layout. 

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David Tauro Provisional RGD (he/him)

Vaughan, ON

David is an ambitious multi faceted designer and creative thinker. His skill set is deeply rooted within the structure and the development of visual communication mediums and experiences. From post secondary studies within graphic design, David has continued developing as an industrial designer, a designer within marketing environments, and an enthusiast of wayfinding systems and strategies. A healthy combination of both an individual drive to succeed and compete along with a strong sense of collaboration ensures the success and quality of both large and small scale projects. David strongly believes that the execution of successful design is best achieved with strategy, intellect, planning through the creative process and the determination to create and deliver quality. 

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Joe Thoong Provisional RGD

Victoria, BC

Joe is a Designer at Becoming Design Office. Recently, Joe graduated from the Vancouver Island University's Graphic Design Program. Focused on research and strategy-based design, Joe primarily works on projects in UX UI and Branding. With a penchant for typography and storytelling, he is passionate about how design can make the mundane extraordinary. 





Brandon Watton Provisional RGD (he/him)

Barrie, ON

With 5+ years of experience, I have become a fiercely passionate designer with an ambitious drive to solve big problems to help build empathetic experiences leading to happy, engaging solutions. I believe in the power of design and how it can solve any problem, no matter how complex it may be. This belief drives me to tackle wicked problems in challenging industries such as finance, logistics, home furniture, and specialist science industries. My focus is Visual Design (UI). I thoroughly enjoy creating a product where I can focus on the aesthetics of the design and the communication of a message to ensure the alignment pairs well with project expectations and that it's helping drive significant business results.

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