Nurun Award for User Experience Design
What to enter: any project that offers an exceptional user experience through innovative design, personalized data experiences and useful functionality.




Yasemin Çenberoglu, Director of Design at Digitalist in Vancouver, BC

Yasemin is an award-winning German designer with Turkish roots. Shelived and worked in Europe and the US before moving to Vancouver to lead Product and UX teams locally and globally. At Digitalist, she leads a talented team of UX & UI designers, UX researchers, visual designers and service designers.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

An excellent piece of UX is human-centred and data-driven. The user’s journey is defined, their needs met, pain points relieved. Your UI is pixel-perfect, contemporary and intuitive. You’ve gone the extra mile. Winning work is attention-grabbing yet discreet, self-explanatory and simple to interact with. The design choices you’ve made follow functionality first, your aesthetics are refined and your users are not just engaged but pleased by experiencing your work.