Polyester Studio Award for Motion
What to enter: any project designed to communicate complex data and content in a visually appealing way that is easier to understand and use.




Jeremy Dimmock, Partner at Polyester Studio in Toronto, ON

After working in corporate branding and with entertainment designstudios across North America, Jeremy returned to Toronto to launch his own motion design and animation studio. He’s picked up awards from the usual places for his work for brands that include Nike, Sony and Target, and now advocates strongly for spending resources to help tell stories that are meaningful, important and help change the world for the better.

What will you be personally looking for from the entrants?

I look for craftsmanship and concept. The best ideas are meaningless if you don’t spend the time making them beautiful. A short well-made spot is better than a long unrefined piece. Can the execution match the quality of the idea? Can the idea be as great as a well-executed spot? Has someone laboured over each key frame and transition to make sure they work together to make something visually great?


Steven Efondo, Senior Graphic Designer at Champion Petfoods LP in Edmonton

With his leadership, work ethic, teamwork and design sense, Steven has been a true asset to the marketing team at Champion and has been overseeing the creatives from the export team and working a team lead to the creative team in the company. Prior to joining Champion, he has 17 years of freelance experience in the design industry, with clients in Toronto and US.


What will you be personally looking for from the entrants to identify winning work?
I’m looking for: Creative work that tells me a story; originality and uniqueness and images or other elements that contribute to the compelling story.


Brandon Grail, Senior Motion Designer at Canada Life in London, Ontario
Brandon is a design fanatic who embraces inspiration and creativity in everyday life. Since graduating from Fanshawe College for graphic design, his work has been credited with the 2021 Communicator Award of Distinction and the RGD’s own 2019 In-House Design Award of Merit. Brandon is currently a senior motion designer on a small team of like-skilled designers at Canada Life.
What will you be personally looking for from the entrants to identify winning work?
I’m looking for someone who understands how truly powerful a motion design piece can be. Someone who can see the big picture. A great video will use all the creative tools – colour, sound, music, timing, etc. – how do they all work together? Do they help me understand the message you’re trying to tell? I want to walk away with goosebumps!

David Nuff RGD

In 2010, David caused extensive delays to European travel when he erupted in a fit of rage and fury. On second thought, that might have been the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Yep, it was definitely the volcano. So what was David doing in 2010? Designing a Nintendo Wii game where you catch fish. In a submarine. It was a different time, OK?

What will you be personally looking for from the entrants to identify winning work?

I want to see people taking risks and experimenting. Production value is important, of course, but school is a place to try weird things. Also, pacing and flow—can you bring me along with you as the piece progresses?