Meet the Members of the RGD's newly reinstated Provisional RGD Committee

The RGD is pleased to announce the official members of the newly reinstated Provisional RGD Committee.


The committee kicked off the networking with their first virtual meeting on May 13 and will be meet once a month to brainstorm, plan and execute programming and services aimed at benefiting all Provisional RGDs. In addition, they will share knowledge with peers and potentially access presentations by Certified RGDs as learning opportunities. We are excited to see what the new committee will contribute to the RGD!
The mandate of the committee is as follows:
Identify and advise on opportunities for the RGD to increase exposure to recent graduates and designers that are in the early stages of their careers. Develop relevant and meaningful resources for Provisional RGDs. Assist in advising and implementing programs and services to benefit Provisionals RGDs from across Canada.
The committee is looking to welcome additional members from outside of Ontario. If you are a Provisional RGD located outside of Ontario, please consider applying using the form here! Questions can be directed to Ceri Tully Provisional RGD at or Danielle Wong Provisional RGD at

Learn more about the Committee Members here

Committee Members:
Ceri Tully Provisional RGD - Co-Chair | Ontario
Danielle Wong Provisional RGD - Co-Chair | Alberta
Chaza Abdel Samad Provisional RGD | Ontario
Dave Brynczka Provisional RGD | Ontario
Pansy Cheung Provisional RGD | Ontario
Natasha D'Costa Provisional RGD | Ontario
Bianca Jozwiak Provisional RGD | Ontario
Gopika Rajendran Provisional RGD | Ontario
Kathy-Ann Scantlebury Provisional RGD | Ontario
Jessica Tang Provisional RGD | Alberta
David Tauro Provisional RGD | Ontario
Katrina Tomas Provisional RGD | Nova Scotia
Brandon Watton Provisional RGD | Ontario