About the Committee
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The Events Committee consists of a minimum of 5 Members from a minimum of 5 different municipalities whose duty it is to assist RGD Staff and other Committees regarding events and programs.



- Provide relevant, meaningful, accessible opportunities for networking, professional development and community building
- Develop, coordinate and promote RGD virtual and local events
- Ensure DesignThinkers is a meaningful, relevant event by proposing and developing new programs and opportunities for engagement by the attendees
- Encourage grassroots activity and culture


Get Involved



Webinar series
- Develop themes, call for speakers, research speakers, host webinar series on topics that include Accessible Design, UX Design, Signage & Wayfinding Design and Branding
Learning platform
- Transition recorded webinar content to new platform. Identify ways to use content to create meaningful professional development experiences.
Event promotion
- Develop strategies to get the word out about RGD events.
DT in-person conference ideas
- Research/brainstorm experiences to encourage interaction/networking/hands-on learning for DesignThinkers in 2022, scheduled to be in-person.
Virtual workshops
- Identify topics/teachers for more in-depth learning experiences for RGD Members.
Virtual programming ideas
- Research programming from other organizations; recommend ways that they could be adapted for RGD
Creative Directions Career Development Conference
- Assist with the development and planning of this event.
In-House Design Conference
- Assist with the development and planning of this event.


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