Yuhu's In-House rebrand brings simplicity and consistency to the Real Estate Platform

By Vincent Galante RGD, Head of Product and Design, and Tabatha Montagano, Intermediate Product Designer, Yuhu


Through technology and culture built on inclusivity, tireless iteration and customer-centricity, Yuhu is shaping the multifamily rental experience. The in-house design team at Yuhu undertook this rebrand with the goal of forging an ownable, global position in the industry. The new branding needed to present Yuhu as a unique alternative to incumbent vendors.
The branding needed to be versatile as it was to be applied to a wide range of collateral including marketing material, website, products, design systems and more. Cohesive and unwavering across all touchpoints, Yuhu was to be seen as the friendly challenger, unafraid to do things differently in an industry that has long lacked disruptive innovation. 
To gain a solid understanding of the brand's personality, values and market strategy, the stakeholders were brought together for competitive analysis workshops. Through the workshops, it was determined that the brand visuals must illustrate the real estate platform's buildings and the communities that populate them. 
The team also felt that the brand should impute simplicity, keeping the layouts clean and uncluttered. The illustration was created entirely from paper by artist Maria Laura Benevente. The central motif was developed using photographed paper art over 3D digital modelling software.
Yuhu's rebrand has attracted attention within its market segment, regularly drawing praise from customers, prospects, job applicants and industry professionals.
In addition to helping Yuhu occupy a unique creative territory, the rebrand has effectively set the stage for the simplicity and user-friendliness of products/services and the approachability of the team. It has effectively positioned Yuhu as an antidote to the status quo. The foundation of the rebrand has led to the creation of a consistent product design system that reinforces the brand's values. 
Design, art direction, research: Tabatha Montagano
Vincent Galante RGD is a designer and strategist who has been helping a diverse set of organizations succeed online for over 20 years. Being an early designer for the web allowed him to gain experience in information architecture, user experience, usability, user interface development, team management and sales. In 2010, he put that diverse skill set to use when he co-founded The Pixel Shop, a design and development studio in Toronto, which he helped scale and ultimately sell in 2019. Clients know him for being a problem solver who can think big while executing tactically and for creating effective digital solutions that are thoughtful, beautiful and usable.

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