Goods & Services Award for Editorial Design Winner: Phoebe Wong

Winning Project: Cinema: Movies To Experience

By Phoebe Wong, York/Sheridan, Toronto/Oakville


Award Sponsored by Goods & Services



Cinema: Movies To Experience

By Phoebe WongYork University / Sheridan College, Toronto, ON

Film and media can have a profound and enriching impact on our everyday lives. Cinema: Movies To Experience is a fictitious editorial exploring the cinematic world and feelings of love, loss, longing and change. The intention was to bring people together to question what happens beyond the moving image and how certain scenes can extend into our own lived experience and inspire us to better the world around us. Each issue features five films emphasizing shared themes of love, humanity, coming of age and family. Each film in an issue has a distinct colour palette and clear design structure. The editorial also uses typography to portray nuances, pauses, hesitations and other emotions in the movies. 


Educator Support: Zab Hobart RGD Emeritus


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