Logo and Packaging by Breck Campbell RGD brings Wonder Serum's Fictional Creator's Character to Life

By Breck Campbell RGD, Founder & Chief Creative at Lyrical Design

The clients, through a recommendation from Jason Recker RGD, approached us to design a logo and packaging for their wood and leather polish. They had developed a great product for which they had written a complete backstory with a fictional craftsperson named 'Walter Sapp' as the inventor of 'Wonder Serum'. Walter was a little bit Colonel Sanders meets MacGyver, but I always pictured him as Frederic Goudy.
Our goal was to capture the vision of the product and the essence of it's fictional creator’s character, personality and values, while also competing in the market they were entering. Building on the existing ideas for the brand, the design references historic packaging from the bygone eras. The style reinforces the idea of a product that would be sold by an old-timey traveling salesperson, while also feeling at home on a shelf at a present-day hardware store. So out came the print ephemera reference, and we set to work.
Design Detail
I'll never tire of playing with period-type, cheesy ligatures with subtle illustrative details. 3D extrusions, highlights & typographic glints were the cherry on top of this sundae.
The result was a delicately balanced layout of dense content, complete with descriptive applications, step-by-step how-to instructions, selling features galore, warning labels, and a snappy tagline. 
Creative Direction & Copywriter: Keaton Trachsel
Breck Campbell RGD is a Dad, Designer, Educator and  Musician. As a globally recognized designer, he creates  logos and develops brands for entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies in the entertainment industry. He has also worked as a user experience designer in games & digital products and as a title designer for film & television. He has judged the JUNOs, the Canadian Country Music Awards, worked for some of the biggest media companies in the world and will always continue to champion Canadian Independent Musicians and artists. Breck currently teaches Type in Motion for York & Sheridan's joint Bachelor of Honours program and Design Fundamentals in Sheridan's Bachelor of Interaction Design degree.

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