Advanced Advisor Practices: Welcome Kit

Designed by Canada Life's In-House Team


To solidify relationships with those who contribute substantial income to the organization, the team delivered premium branded and personalized welcome kits to each of the top 53 insurance advisors. The kits were manually assembled with custom pieces including biographies and contact details for each Canada Life™ contact. Luxurious materials, finishes and processes helped deliver a premium experience, taking advantage of a newly developed high-net-worth colour palette for the Canada Life brand. Anecdotal feedback from advisors proved that we hit the mark with this project and several senior leaders took notice of the kits and commissioned generic versions.



Design Lead & Sr. Graphic Designer: Atila Daminelli

Supporting Designers: Juan Neira, Dianne Wright

Production Coordinators: Heather Bainbridge, Anita Younano

Lead Communication Specialist: Lisa Baldock

Associate Marketing Manager: William Denis

Assistant Vice President Advanced Advisor Practices: Saundra Roll