“Imagine the Possibilities”: Kindergarten Registration Campaign

Designed by the Toronto Catholic School District Board (TCDSB)'s In-House Team


To combat the previous campaign in which TCDSB’s dark maroon branding dominated the design, a brighter, more student-focused campaign was needed to help increase student enrolment through the annual kindergarten registration. Directed at prospective parents with kindergarten-aged children, the goal of the campaign was to achieve better levity while still maintaining a professional tone that would adhere to the board’s image. The softer pink colour, combined with geometric icons mimicking children's doodles creating “halos” around the kid’s heads, helped bring out an element of playfulness to speak to the kids as much as their parents. The COVID-19 pandemic provided a jumping off point for TCDSB to start using motion graphics and social media on a more regular basis, using this campaign as a flagship opportunity to leverage these digital formats. Using a combination of digital ads and gifs, overall impressions for the campaign achieved 207% growth year over year.