The 10 Most Read Articles of 2021
Collage of main images from the top ten articles

Every year, the RGD and Members from across the country create resourceful, informative and fun articles for the enjoyment of the community. Here are the 10 articles from 2021 that were read the most!


10. Post-graduation check-in with 2020 Student Award Winner Josie Guenther Prov. RGD

Headshots of Josie and images of her work


9. Top 5 metal band logos that influenced their genres by Renee Taillon Provisional RGD

Iron Maiden, Metallica, Darkthrone, Death and Led Zepellin logos in white on a black background


8. Top 5 Dutch-designed brands by Lin Oosterhoff Provisional RGD

Examples of Dutch design


7. Design+ Editorial by Amy Eaton RGD with Stefanie Sosiak

Images of magazines and magazine spreads


6. Meet three female firm owners carving their own paths in the design industry

Headshots of Vanessa Eckstein RGD; Elana Rudick RGD; and Kim Pickett


5. Top animated type compositions on Instagram by Dominic Ayre RGDA colourful collage of type compositions.


4. Graphic design professionals discuss ownership of rejected designs

An illustration of three people examining a contract


3. Watch DesignThinkers presentations from Black industry leaders

Collage of Black DesignThinkers speakers


2. Graphic design professionals weigh in on Adobe/Disney/Pixar $10k design challenge

Pixar/Adobe contest cover image

and without further ado, the most read article of 2021 is...


1. Rebrand ignites debate about Canadian institutions hiring international design firms—and vice versa

The National Gallery of Canada\'s logo



Thank you to everyone who contributed their insights, opinions, expertise and more to this year! It's with your support and participation that we can share so many engaging articles with the RGD Community and the design industry.


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