The RGD launches PDF Certification Packages
For design practitioners, managers and educators looking to take the next step in their careers, the RGD has developed a new resource that outlines the process for pursuing RGD Certification
The Guide provides a straightforward summary of each step in the journey to becoming a Certified RGD, including tips and FAQs to help navigate the process.
Beginning with Eligibility and Application, the Guide walks potential candidates through requirements and instructions for each phase: Case Study Submission, Online Test, Portfolio Presentation and Results & Next Steps. 
"The RGD continually strives to stay current and relevant to existing and potential Members of our community. Working alongside the RGD staff, the Certification Committee has developed these Certification Packages so that everything you need to know to get started on the RGD Certification Process is consolidated into one place. We made sure it was accessible, easy to understand and inclusive. We're excited to get these out and can't wait for feedback and questions!" says Victor Szeto RGD, Chair of the Certification Committee.
If you've considered becoming a Certified RGD in the past, the newly updated Certification Guide will help clarify the next steps to make this goal a reality. For additional motivation, check out the RGD's list of 10 Reasons to Get Your RGD Certification
Please direct inquiries to Heidi Veri, RGD's Director of Membership, at