Creative Team Photos from RGD's 8th Designathon

From March 4 to 6, 2022, 10 teams gathered virtually to participate in the RGD's second virtual Designathon, our 8th to date. 


At RGD's Designathon, students and grads spent approx. 12 hours working on real-life design projects for non-profit organizations. This event is an opportunity for participants to connect, network and get real-world experience while using their expertise to contribute to a meaningful cause.


To encourage a well-deserved break from their hard work, we asked the groups to share creative team photos for a chance to win FREE streaming passes to DesignThinkers Vancouver.


Take a look at the submissions below:


Spectrum: Waterloo Region's Rainbow Community Space 

Team: Karen Mendoza Student RGD, Mariangela Bolivar & Rachel Mercer
Mentors: Carolyn Harman RGD & Mike Scott RGD




Sinai Health Foundation

Team: Elizabeth Seidel, Yuyi Fan Student RGD, Elyssa Biringer Provisional RGD and Seda Gulyaprak Student RGD

Mentors: Wade Gilpin RGD & David Nuff RGD 





Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Team: Aisulu Aldaniyazova, Laura Beaudin Student RGD & Danielle Wong Provisional RGD

Mentors: Tomomi Lo RGD & Josh McInerney RGD



Brockton Writer Series

Team: Chloe Wang Provisional RGD, Andrea Bradford-Lambert Student RGD, Lauren Swant Student RGD & Angel Tran

Mentor: Robert Smith RGD



CASSA: Council of Agencies Serving South Asians

Team: Tahsina Ahmed Provisional RGD, Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD & Disha Jaikishan Dhanwani Student RGD

Mentor: Hayley Malcho RGD



CCHA: Canadian Congenital Heart Aliance

Team: Mariia Ryzhenko Student RGD, Jodie Chow Student RGD & Andres Ramirez Provisional RGD

Mentor: Raymond Brand RGD


Dawn Canada

Team: David Ho Sang Provisional RGD, Annie Jong & Juliette Bricker Student RGD

Mentors: Alessandra Cardone RGD & Michelle Hopgood RGD


Sudbury Women's Centre

Team: April Go Student RGD, Aidan Dennehy Provisional & Laura Harper Student RGD

Mentor: Amy Eaton RGD



UNHCR Canada

Team: Gavin Luo, Jaehee Rho Provisional RGD, Ainoa Matanza RGD & Obaida Zeino Student RGD

Mentor: Maninder Singh RGD



Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation

Team: Sydney Yang Student RGD & Linh (Junnie) Nguyen Student RGD
Mentor: Teressa van Vliet RGD