Rebranding by Ramp Communications seamlessly unifies two well-established Kids Cancer Charities

Product Feature by Sheree Stephenson RGD, Senior Art Director at Ramp Communications Inc.



With a combined history of over 70 years, Camp Oochigeas and Camp Trillium, merged in 2020 to form Campfire Circle. These two well-established charities shared an overlapping purpose and commitment to normalizing the cancer journey for kids and families. Our challenge was to seamlessly bring together these two organizations with a new name and one unique brand, while maintaining the emotional equity each had spent years building.



The logo and identity designed by Ramp Communications is a contemporary reflection of camp. Its vibrant nature-inspired colours symbolize the joy of healing through happiness. The icon speaks to the idea of the campfire as a gathering — a place to join with friends and family. The centre dot in the C represents both the warmth of the campfire and also the child. The rays that make up the surrounding C suggest coming together as a community to make a safe space for kids to be kids and families to be families.


The font used in the logo is called Cocobiker from ZetaFonts. Paired with the right colours it was the perfect choice for this brand identity.




Given the deep and extended community ties both charities had, naturally they were nervous about how the various stakeholders, supporters and families would react to the rebrand. They also wanted to be inclusive and respectful of both organizations. Upon launch there was outstanding feedback and support from the families, volunteers, communities and various stakeholders across both organizations.




Creative Directors: David Brouitt, Frank Casera
Strategy: Tina Fernandez
Art Direction and Design: Sheree Stephenson RGD
CopyWriter: David Brouitt
Account Supervisor: Dean Moore
Account Executive: Laura You
Sheree Stephenson RGD is an award-winning art and design director with over 10 years of experience working in integrated advertising and design. She is fortunate to work with diverse social impact clients to deliver compelling and emotionally rich graphic design, advertising and marketing solutions. Sheree is passionate about crafting brand identities and developing immersive, effective brand communications that compel audiences and make them look twice. She holds a BFA in fine art from Queens University and these rigorous art school beginnings inspire a proactive, can-do attitude that is evident in her approach to every creative challenge. 



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