A Graphic Designer’s Quick Guide to using .design Domains

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Creating beautiful designs is something that comes easily to you. But finding a place to show off those designs? That’s another matter altogether. Your portfolio website is your resume. It’s important to have a website that speaks volumes about you, before potential clients and employers click on the link.


Design is about being creative and innovative, so why should your website domain name be any different? Enter .design domain names, a unique way to stand out online.


We know you might have some questions about this creative domain name and how it can work for you. Don’t worry - we’ve got the answers.


What exactly is .design?

.design is the premier domain extension for professional and aspiring designers. Already in use by many of the world’s leading design studios, .design is the go-to domain extension for designers everywhere. If you’re a Member of the RGD), you’ve likely already seen many of your peers using .design domains for their agencies or personal websites.

Cool. But do I need to be a graphic designer to use .design?

One of the best things about a custom domain like .design is that it is what you make of it. Take Calgary-based agency oneFortyFive, for example. While they offer graphic design services, they also provide architectural, environmental and sound design services. What other domain extension can convey all of that in just a glance?


Visit onefortyfive.design


Will .design domains affect SEO?

Ah, SEO - that ever-changing, often confusing beast. The common misconception about domain names is that you need a .com in order to maximize your SEO opportunities. The fact is that any website can rank on the first page of search results if best SEO practices are used - .com has just been a more commonly used domain extension up until this point. More and more users are discovering that they can compete for search engine supremacy with unique domains like .design.

There is also the great feature of having a keyword built right into your domain name, especially if your business name includes the word “design”. Check out California’s Arpi Design who are using - you guessed it - arpi.design as their domain name.


Visit arpi.design

I’m not ready to build a full website. Can .design still work for me?

If you want to start building up your online presence but don’t have the portfolio or experience yet, a great way to use a .design domain is to set it up to redirect to another website, like your LinkedIn profile. You can start to build an audience and reach potential employers in a unique and engaging way before you have all of the pieces in place for a full website.

If you’re not ready to set up a website, .design domains are still a great way to showcase your professionalism through a custom email address. Rather than using a generic personal email created through a free third party service, you can use something memorable and unique like hello@yourname.design. Using a professional email address like this demonstrates your commitment to craft and shows that you are investing in yourself and your skills. Just imagine how great that will look on your resume!


Will everyone understand what .design means?

Here’s the thing: the word “design” transcends borders. It is a universal language of art and creativity. WowCreatives, a design agency located in Italy, uses a .design domain name for their website, which is entirely in Italian.


Visit wowcreatives.design


Design is universal and so are .design domains. Whether you’re in design school, just starting out as a freelance designer or part of a well-established agency looking to refresh your online presence, .design is the domain name that will get you noticed by all the right people.


If you build it, they will find you. Get started today with your own custom .design domain name.


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