Top 5 Presentations in the RGD's Video Archive for Brand Identity Designers

Looking to sharpen your brand identity design skills? Sheree Stephenson RGD, Senior Art Director at Ramp Communications Inc., shares five inspiring presentations (all available in the Members-only section of the RGD website) to get you started. 


Brand Naming for Designers

An absolute must watch for any designer who has ever been asked to come up with a brand’s new name. Speaking at DesignThinkers, Blake Howard offers an insightful and engaging behind the scenes look at Matchstic’s brand naming process, taking us through a project case study from ideation to presentation to finished product.

My Journey To Full Time Logo Designer

Perfect for the solo freelancer focused on logo and identity design. Real, relatable and inspiring, James Martin presented at the RGD's virtual 2022 Creative Directions Conference, talking about his life and personal journey into graphic design and eventually logo design. He offers lots of practical advice for new designers and those who might be ready to go out on their own. Follow up with a visit to his website where he shares a variety of guides on topics such as pricing, workflow and onboarding clients.

How a Rebrand Happens From a Client's Perspective

In one of the RGD's weekly webinars (free for all Members), Brooklyn-based Ritesh Gupta provided an insightful perspective on what motivates and triggers brand redesigns. Great actionable insights on how to win new brand design business, create a winning process and follow through with a successful implementation.

Branding for Startups and Beyond

In this RGD webinar, Radim Malinic from Brand Nu talks about infusing storytelling into brand design systems and the importance of pushing yourself to explore new territory in your work. Great tips and insights from their 10-step process, as well as a variety of case studies to learn from. Follow up with free downloads from his book series from the Brand Nu website.

In-House Perspectives: Rebranding Strategies

This recorded webinar from our In-House Design Series is perfect for in-house designers as well as anyone wanting a behind the scenes look at the branding process from a client perspective. Three beautifully-executed case studies are presented by teams in three different fields cover everything from strategy to practical considerations for implementation.

RGD Webinars/Video Archive

RGD hosts 3-4 professional development webinars per month covering a range of topics. Webinars are free for all RGD Members. RGD Members have access to the video archive in the Members-only section of our website with over 750 recordings of RGD webinars and presentations from DesignThinkers (going back to 2011!) and other RGD conferences, including Creative Directions, our In-House Design Conferences and Educators Conferences. 


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Sheree Stephenson RGD is an award-winning art and design director with over 10 years of experience working in integrated advertising and design. She is fortunate to work with diverse social impact clients to deliver compelling and emotionally rich graphic design, advertising and marketing solutions. Sheree is passionate about crafting brand identities and developing immersive, effective brand communications that compel audiences and make them look twice. She holds a BFA in fine art from Queens University and these rigorous art school beginnings inspire a proactive, can-do attitude that is evident in her approach to every creative challenge.