Join the BIPOC Virtual Community to participate in BIPOC Talks
The RGD BIPOC Virtual Community brings together designers who share common experiences as members of the BIPOC community. The virtual community is intended to be a safe and inclusive space for BIPOC designers to share their experiences openly. 
Here’s what you can expect if you decide to join this RGD Virtual Community:
Learn about other BIPOC designers doing amazing work and boost your own work.
We love to share and amplify BIPOC designers around the world doing work to express their identity, advocating for marginalized communities, and/or expressing themselves creatively. We also share projects, resources, news topics for discussion, books and podcasts.
Our Members are also welcome to share their own work and projects they feel passionate about. We hope that this content enriches your day-to-day and helps you learn about all of the various ways BIPOC designers are pushing the envelope.
Engage in events that educate and inspire
The BIPOC virtual community hopes to build a sense of togetherness through community events geared towards learning and broadening our horizons.
Starting in September, we are launching a new series called BIPOC Talks where we will screen talks from past RGD conferences given by BIPOC creatives. Following the screening, we will have a brief discussion about the highlights from the talk and major takeaways. We hope to do this bi-monthly and highlight different creatives who are inspiring others through their creative practice.
Another event we’ve done since the creation of our Virtual Community is our Heart2Hearts. This event focuses on discussing shared experiences and getting advice and support for any pain points we may encounter in our day-to-day. These meetings usually take place in the afternoon (typically over lunchtime hour) and are a great way to de-stress and make some new friends along the way!
Get advice!
Often as Members of the BIPOC community, we may be in difficult situations that are hard to navigate. For some, advice is not readily available. This is especially true for emerging BIPOC designers who struggle to advocate for themselves in the early years of their careers. We hope to provide an open and safe forum where designers both seasoned and new can share their experiences and get the support and advice they need. 

Get Involved

The RGD Virtual Communities bring together Members working in similar areas and/or who face a particular set of challenges to share knowledge, discuss experiences, propose solutions and support each other. Virtual Communities are open to Certified RGDs, Provisional RGDs and Affiliate Members who meet the criteria for the specific group. To express your interest in this Program, identify preferences and/or volunteer to be a Community Leader, fill out this form. Details on becoming a leader of a new RGD Virtual Community here
Questions? Email the RGD's Membership Manager, Zaria Pucknell at .